SYGN Definition by name

SYGN are the only pair of smart-glasses specially designed for those with hearing difficulties.

SYGN smart-glasses will be available for purchase September 2019. But you can pre-order them now!

About SYGN

We believe that these glasses are the solution for many difficulties that deaf or hard-of-hearing people face. As part of the hearing community, we believe that we take the ability to hear and speak for granted. We wanted to develop a product that could help with both educational and professional purposes. These glasses can be used to help users in situations where Sign Language Interpreters are not available. We used the system Signed English to enable a word-for-word translation in matter of seconds. These glasses can help break down communication barriers, provide alternative methods for learning, and assist those during day-to-day tasks. What's best is that SYGN can also be worn as a regular pair of glasses as we've enabled the option for prescription glasses to be made and fitted.

How does it work?

SYGN smart-glasses incorporate Augmented Reality to portray either visual text or a video graphic superimposed in the real word. SYGN enables those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to immediately interact with spoken language.

Translating spoken language into visual text
Translating spoken language into a visual avatar

The Features & Software

Our team of highly skilled professionals have integrated only the best versions of technology to ensure that these glasses are always fit for purpose.

We have used the latest version of Android software to ensure that the interface works as quickly as possible.

The microphones embedded into the frame of the glasses record up to 200 words per minute- that's more than the average person speaks.

Though the assistance of one of the best Sign Language Interpreters in the world, alongside the latest version of Android software, we are able to provide a dictionary of over 3,000 words... ensuring that every conversation is translatable.

With an 8GB internal memory, you can store data on the device. Alternatively, you can use the USB connection to transfer data onto a computer. The USB connection point is provided under a hidden cover in the rear temple of the frame.

We wanted to ensure that the glasses would be wearable for a long duration so we have made advances to the model to ensure that the battery in these glasses will last up to 7 days before needed to be recharged.

Finally, we have designed these glasses to look like an ordinary pair of specs. The lightweight, stylish design comes in two different shades.


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