Orbite don't brush, just bite

Orbite logo/branding is an open mouth with orbite written inside of it. the packaging color will change depending on the gum flavor. For example, bubblegum would be pink and mint would be green.
Our product is targeted towards children ages 12 and under. Orbite is meant to be a helper to oral health, not a replacement to brushing your teeth. It is recommended that you brush your teeth and then eat orbite after a larger meal.
Orbite is looks an tastes like regular gum but contains a swallow-able tooth paste filling in the center. You may swallow the gum but it is not regularly recommended.
Orbite gum packages can be bought in pharmacies,drug stores, grocery stores, and online at our website.
Orbite is sold all over the US.
$5 for a single 12 piece packet. $7 for a 30 piece container. 4 packets for $18.


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