Skyrise VEX IQ By: Adin newton

The rules are don't pin other robots, don't block the middle, also don't take down the blocks from the tower. At the begging of the game you have to touch the bottom. The robot must fit in the start area.

The tower has 3 levels. On your side is one point. Level one is two points. Level two is three points level three has five points.
Our strategy for the game is to block the other robot and use our crane to push and move the blocks to places.
5 machines , convader belt, crane, wall, claw and clamp
What you do

In crossover you have to put your blocks in the other teams tower and Vica versa. Whoever has the most blocks on there tower wins. You are allowed to block and flip other robots.

Resultes 3 things I learned.

I learned that sometimes things don't go your way and you have to change your plan completely to get it right.

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