Should I get a dog? Yes or No?

Now you may not want to let me get a dog because I Am 'irresponsible' but I will actually get the job done and be very responsible while taking care of a dog
You may ask yourself "Should we let Mikayla get a dog?" the answer is YEs!
Here are the reason


  • Responsible: I will actually take care of the dog, the only reason I didn't really take care of Izzy was because rats tend to be more vicious around new people and rats have to constantly stay in a cage, meaning that she would get anxious, causing her to bite more.

I will be very responsible when it comes to taking care of a dog, I will feed him/her 2 times a day, give him/her attention constantly, take him/her out for walks and bathroom breaks and I will overall love him/her unconditionally.

Thank you so much for taking your time to look over this presentation that I have put together. Maybe you will consider letting me get one? No? Go to the next slide to learn about some facts...


  • Their average life span is 10-13 years
  • They are great family dogs
  • They tend to love other animals
  • They do shed seasonally
  • They are basically big love bugs
  • They are the 4th smartest dog breeds
  • They love to swim
Again, Thank you for reading my presentation. Have a great day and please consider letting me get a dog.

Have a good day!!


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