Native Americans Mascots shouldn't be allowed. Giovanna contreras

I claimed that I do not think teams and schools should not be allowed to use Native Americans mascots.

My first reasoning is because they might of claimed that the Native Americans mascots should change the name of the teams. In the text it said "The NFL should act immediately to pressthe team to change the name" this quote supports my claim because Barack Obama even said he would vhange the team name if he owned the team.

My second reasoning is because they might take the word "Redskins" seriously and say it's offensive. In the articles it said "The Oneida Indian Nation does not like the Washington Redskins team nickname. It says the term "Redskins" is a terrible insult." And "Halbritter said the ruling show that the Redskins name is unkind. These quotes supports my clam because people,schools,and Adidas are offering to help change the mascots and the names of the teams because they think the same that teams and schools should not be allowed to use Native Americans mascots and the name Redskins.


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