Growth Project Elaina Anderson

Our assignment was to create linocut print on an endangered species. We had to have three parts of the endangered animal go off the page, and there also had to be enough detail depending on the texture of the animal; Ex: furry, hairy, fluffy, smooth, ect. We had to take a carving like tool to create something to print with and the goal was to print 10.

The Beetle American Burying is an endangered species, most of them live underneath the surface of the Earth because they like the smell of dead things. They lay about 10-30 eggs underground. Biologist have not unlocked the mystery to why these beetles are endangered and rare.

I had difficulty trying to figure out what animal I wanted to do since we had a limited option, so at first I choose a polar bear, but I felt it was too common and that everybody else was going to try and take the easy way out.
Then I thought about doing the swift fox but my sketches did not really work out and it did not turn out the way I wanted it. I finally decided to go with the beetle because I was having problems with getting the fur right on the mammals and on some of the insects I liked the detail.

People suggested that I needed to add more detail in the background and make the fur look more realistic than the way I was drawing it.

Lino Cut
I has ]d some issues where I used to much ink and that caused the details of some of my prints to merge with other details or apart of the background.
This was one of my better prints I needed to add a little more pressure to the the print to the paper because it did not print fully and it needed a little less ink because some of the details merged with others.
With this print I needed to add more pressure when I Printed, I did not smooth it out the way I needed to so it did not print fully.
Final Product

I feel satisfied with my final print, there are a little rough spots. For starters it did not print fully in the corners because I did smooth it out in the corners with enough pressure. I feel that in some of the areas of my print where are carved my linocut, some of the details are cut properly, but I feel it exaggerates the print a little bit and I kind of like how it turned out that way.


Created with images by USFWS Mountain Prairie - "American Burying Beetle"

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