Live,Love,Resist Christian Cain

Ahh resistance, resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something or the attempt to prevent it. This is important because it helps people fight stereotypes and the fact that no one will love you like the people or things that are most important to you. The importance of resisting is not to give into what people want you to do, whatever your heart feel is right is what you do.Your life is NOT a barrier.

Also resistance is the ability not to be affected by something, especially adversity, which is shown in 2 of my poems [My sistahs, and LOML] the third, Love is rage, is more of the first definition there's the resistance of the stereotype that men are dogs but in the poem that's not the case at all the woman actually resists the fact that the male is giving all his heart to her and not accepting the fact that a real man loves her. .

The other two [ My sistahs and LOML] are mostly about the resistance of how they are supposed to feel about what they love and who they love. In conclusion resistance is an interesting thing. We resist in beautiful but also hurtful ways either way you're resisting based on how your heart feels in the situation if it's a woman a sport or people you love. Resist how other people want you to feel about what YOU want and love in life. Now here are my poems

Room Ful'A Sistahs

My sistahs, With my sistahs i feel right With my sistahs we can dance the whole night With my sistahs i can laugh and giggle Maybe party a little Talking bout Georgia and laughing bout how she get around and probably know every man in town Jenna made a joke said she seen more men than james's bar on happy hour So here's Georgia hands on her hips saying we aint shit While she pokes out her pretty precious lips Even through all that we still are sistahs We represent unity, positivity, and most definitely beauty Me and my sistahs are blessed with beautiful melanin Look at our skin here's the ebony evidence that makes me outgoing some say arrogant And who's the best you might ask? Well moma says that we all equal but of course i am, the youngest All white match my fly pshh you can't touch this We don't need a man well georgia do ( Laughs ) No in all serious the skin we in We all wear it well we got sass but class i know you can tell We are sistas this is forever However long this beautiful boastful euniqe skin of beauty takes us We still are forever sistahs.


She means the world to me i love her and she loves me i love her sound , how she moves and i know she love what i do with my hands and my wrist SWISH Ahh spalding how i'm so in love with you With you in my hands i feel so comfortable All those other relationships are for the birds All these years with each other and we never said a bad word I'll never give up on you You the only person i put my trust in too It's not a time i don't think about you if it's ever a problem i'll go to you You the only girl who get me and i appreciate you everything else i zone out you the only one i think about you my first and only love i'm addicted to you like a drug They dont want us to be together They dont think we can make it because where im from broke down house and dont have alot but whith you that can change thats why your my wife SPALDIN I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Love Is Rage

Love is rage I am a faithful man I am an unfaithful unashamed women She’s the only one i want i don't look at anyone else i just get what i want and leaveI will love her till i see the heaven lights If he ain't doing right i'll just get another one it's alrighti want to be with her all day look at the moon lighti'll be up and gone in another bed when the moon lights if she leaves i'll have no life if i leave he'll be alright when i look at her i have no words while i'm in her sight when i look at him he’s just another man when he’s in my sight I do things right provide cook and clean for her He does everything but that doesn't mean be loyal So i confronted her tell her how i feel So he confronts me blah blah out the other ear She wasn't paying attention i yelled at her to listen I wasn't paying attention then he yelled at me to listen I tried to use force and action you know be more of a man he tried to use force then he it me Didnt think ill do that to a man Thinking back thats a thing i regret Was he thinking was there any regret Thats what i get Thats what i get For being For being A faithful man An unfaithful unashamed women.

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