My Visit to the Harn Museum of Art by: Sabrina Ochoa

Medium of the Art: When I came across "Cuarteto Habanero" by Cundo Bermudez, I was surprised by the connection I felt to it. Of all the pieces I saw at the Harn, I did not expect to see any from a Cuban artist. This silkscreen piece captured the colors and life-like characteristics that I commonly associate with my heritage. I believe that the piece would not have made such a profound impact on me had I seen it via the internet. The in-person experience allowed the art to captivate my attention and affect me on an emotional level. Upon seeing it, I felt proud to be Cuban and felt all the more connected to my "homeland", where my ancestors came from.
Design of the Museum: I particularly enjoyed the exhibit on Frida Kahlo. It was complete with accent walls that allow emphasis of the art, variations of the types of artwork displayed on the walls, and small figurines and sculptures to bolster the wall displays. The exhibit tied together an extensive amount of work that allowed excellent use of space and lighting that brought out details of the art. Overall, the exhibit tells a story and allows visitors to become a part of this story.
Art and Core Values: This piece, "Excavation" by Boardman Robinson, conveyed hard work and dedication. While most of the dedication in my life is to more abstract things (i.e. my studies, the relationships in my life, etc.). It instilled a feeling of determination that pushed me to feel proud of the effort I put into what I hold dear and I began to value others who share this core idea more. In my opinion, finding a passion, something to feel dedicated to, is a great way to find out more about oneself and that is what this piece has done for me.
Art and the Good Life: This piece does an exemplary job at depicting the theme "sharing the good life." If I were to think of my perception of the good life, I would say that being able to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend quality time with loved ones is a large part of that. To me, this piece embodies that exact idea. Leon Kroll, the artist of this oil on canvas artwork, creates a portrayal of a scene that enables those viewing it to create their own story for the figures in the art and make the most of this artistic experience. Understanding that there are so many possible definitions of the good life not only gives the art context but allows for those viewing the art to establish said context.

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