Ella Jane Fitzgerald By molly bowler

Ella was born in Newport News, Virginia on April,25,1917. Then sadly she died in her Beverly Hills home on June, 15, 1996.


1. Ella had a lot of discrimination because of her skin color. In this time people were against blacks. Some times Ella would have problems while on tour, and also has been kicked off of an airplane.

2. When Ella was 15 her mother, Temperence or Tempie for short, had died after she got into a car accident. Then her step father, Joe Da Silva, had died so Ella had to live with her sister. Ella was really depressed during all of this so her grades in school began to drop and she was constantly skipping classes. So she was put in a reformed school, but then escaped. So she was all by herself during the Great Depression.

3. Ella had to have a quintuple coronary bypass surgery ( eye surgery), also doctors had to replace a valve inside of her heart. During these surgerys was when doctors found out the Ella had Diabetes.

4. When Ella was 76 her diabetes got a lot worse. She started having "severe circulatory problems" and had to have both of her legs amputated (cut off) from the knee down. Plus from her diabetes she ended up going blind .

5. After Ella under went all of the surgerys she could barely ever sing and then as her diabetes worsened she died.


1. Ella is referred to as the "1st lady of song".

2. She was also nick named the Queen of Jazz

3. Ella recorded 150 songs with only one band and won 13 Grammy Awards.

4.Ella had supported charities and non profit organizations.

5. Ella even has her own charity called Ella Fitzgerald Charitable foundation where she had helped people of any race, culture, or religion.

Personal Qualities

1.Ella was a very resilient person.

2. Ella was hard working

3. Ella was Determined

4.She was also Strong

5. And extremely Talented

6. She was also a very humble person

7. She was a very kind person

I chose to draw this design because it really tells about Ella it has a very popular jazz instrument (saxophone) wrapped around by a microphone and the cord spells her name. This shows that she was in love with sing jazz and was great at it her self, also jazz was a huge part in her life .

Thanks to all of these websites which helped with getting most of the information






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