Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator makes everything easier

Adobe illustrator is a complicated program that helps to make vector icons or logos. Also most artist use Adobe illustrator for promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form.Also Adobe Illustrator can make photos to what you are looking for .

My experience with Adobe Illustrator

I have used Adobe Illustrator with movie icons and a badge.The movies icons I made were on the 1993 version of the Sandlot.I put a baseball, home plate, A pool, And Pf shoe box.For the badge i made was a star with a shadow back ground and blue wraps around it. I thought adobe Illustrator was really complicated at first but once i git the hang of its, its really fun to use.

This art work was created using adobe illustrator. Without Adobe Illustrator, the artist would of had a really hard time making it looked so detailed and unique.
The artist of this piece could have used this as a promotional use, since it doesn't look like an icon.
This art work represents the day of the dead.The artist added really good texture to this art work and lots of colors.
With adobe illustrator, the artist made this clock look old and made the picture look like if it was 3D
This picture shows the Adobe Illustrator Icon that is on a record player made by Rocco Lucia

Self Reflection

Adobe Spark makes , making website easy to make and fun to do it. To me , adobe spark made this assignment fun and actually made me want to do it.


Created with images by felipegenuino - "LUX" • Dominic's pics - "Fuji Butterfly" • Michael Adedokun - "Millennium Bridge Gateshead, Manchester" • rosanegra_1 - "day of the dead mexico catrina" • Patrick Hoesly - "379 - Tile Clock - Texture" • Rocco Lucia - "CS4 celebration"

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