Daily life in Medieval Europe BY:Angel

The manor system:The nobles were one of the most important people in Europe and owned large amount of land so that started the Manor System. The place was built like a castle and the most important part was the manor where the noble's family lived. The manor was also home to serfs who lived on the land, they were basically property of the noble. they worked in the farm land or any job that proved useful, the serfs had everything they needed so they're wasn't much reason to leave.

Knights and Chuvalry :As the manor expanded, it needed people to defend it so along came the knights, but also the code of chivalry. knights were vassals or lower nobles most of the time and fought for their lord for land, they mostly fought for other land or against other lords. all knights were skilled in close combat and horse riding, but every one of them were expected to live by the code of chivalry. the code of chivalry is having religious faith and to protect the women and does who are defenseless, the most important is to have courage in battle. Knights were very strategic and forceful during fights.

Town Life :When the lords started to get more power peace returned to land and towns began to reform. the towns were really dirty and busy, it's center were markets and the cathedral. living in the towns were terrible and all of the houses were made of wood so it caught fire very easy. as the towns came back so did jobs and people who had the same jobs were called Guilds like blacksmiths, bakers, etc. they watched over product and made sure every one in town had a job.



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