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In a previous 'Teaching Technique Tuesday' there was a focus on plenaries. If you want to refresh your memory you can do that here. It had some great ideas from our drama department using luggage tags as well as a great article from teacher toolkit.

In short, a plenary is an important part of the lesson that provides feedback from the learner which should then inform the next steps in your teaching. It is often, but not always reserved for the end of the lesson (five minutes before the bell), but is useful at the end of an episode of learning, possibly at a transition point in a lesson to gauge feedback on what has been learnt by the pupil.

Our travels through the school corridors this week take us back to the Maths Department. A superb idea for an inventive and active plenary comes from Mrs Beer and her Plenary cubes.

The Plenary Cube

From Mrs Beer...

Plenary cubes can be used to generate discussion at the end of a lesson amongst pupils. I tend to throw one cube onto each group at the end of a lesson and pupils have to discuss the answer to the question it lands on. Questions can be adapted to suit each department. It allows pupils to refer back to the learning intentions and discuss what they have learned that lesson and determine next steps for improvement.

Some of the questions highlighted here are;

  • What skills have you used during today's lesson?
  • What do you know now that you did not know at the start of the lesson?

Please visit Mrs Beer down in the Maths to have a look at the cubes, see what other questions she has written on them and find out how she put them together.

Some other questions that could be used on your own cubes...Summarize todays learning in 10 words or less! In 2 minutes write down as many words as you can that relate to todays learning! What questions do I still have? What am I struggling to understand the most?

For some more great examples I can recommend going to Pinterest and searching for 'Plenary questions'. You will find some superb examples to get you started or refresh old ideas.

Also remember to access the 'Learning and Teaching' folder on Harris StaffShare for some interactive presentations. Inside the 'Teaching Techniques' folder there is a 'Learning PowerPoints' resource.

The 'Learning Review' PowerPoint (some samples below) will even allow your pupils to lead the plenary by choosing the questions themselves.


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