The Bark March 2018 - Issue 13

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Jane Cahill - Editor In Chief


  • Term Dates
  • What's Happening At Candlebark
  • The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time
  • Murray River Canoe Camp
  • ACCA Exhibition, 'Unfinished Business'
  • Preps & Grade 1 out & about
  • Kerrimuir Chess write up
  • Prep Sleepover
  • Community Notices

Term Dates

  • Term 1: Last day of term 29 March
  • Term 2: 17 April to 22 June
  • Term 3: 16 July to 20 September
  • Term 4: 9 October to 13 December

Unlike 2016 and 2017, dates will be the same for both Candlebark and Alice Miller.

What's Happening at Candlebark

  • March 20 to 23 – Bright Camp – Ian’s Preps, Grade 1, 4 and 6.
  • March 29 – Grade 4 to ‘Junk’ show 12 noon at Ulumbarra Theate in Benidgo
  • April 17 – Mobile Dental Clinic at Candlebark all week (whole school)
  • April 17 – Year 7 immunisations at Candlebark
  • July 18 – Grade 5 to ‘Robot Song’ theatre performance 1.30 at The Engine Room, Bendigo

The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time

All of Year 7 and Year 8 from both Candlebark and Alice Miller traveled to Melbourne to experience the brilliant play, 'The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time'. The students were all totally transfixed and gave the actors a standing ovation. Here are some of the students impression of what they saw.

- Wendy Wright


I liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night Time because of how it uses all different emotions; at points it is funny, at points it was serious, sad, happy, etc.

And how every couple of minutes there was something new and exciting that changed the whole play.

By Jett Sanders-Henshall


An amazing show.

It really showed what it would was like to be him. The music and lights they put on when he was somewhere loud and he found it overwhelming, I really knew how he felt; I curled up in a ball and covered my ears and shut my eyes.

This play is a small window into the world of Aspergers Syndrome.

by Ilke


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time is an excellent play about a boy named Christopher, who has Asperger’s syndrome. My personal opinion is that the play was made excellent because of the brilliant set, and the great dialogue.

It was incredible how they constantly changed between tenses and narrators. It gave me an amazing insight into a world that so many people are part of, but so widely ignored.

By Lugh

Murray River Canoe Camp

The Candlebark Year 7s recently went on the Murray River canoe trip twith Sam Ford and Wendy Wright. We are lucky enough that a couple of students wrote down some thoughts about the camp to share with us all.

Canoe Camp

I found canoe camp a lot more pleasurable seeing as it was the second time I had done it. There were a few differences… we stopped at a beach every night in which all the beaches we past were absolutely beautiful with warm sand always warmed up the tent which me and cam slept in every night as long as I carried it in my barrel every day with the canoe I was in with my own food barrel which I had to carry my own food in my canoe which meant I could eat whatever was in there whenever I wanted there were always rope swings to go on to which made the trip excellent. There were 4 days to canoe through, and 3 hour trips there and back. On the 4th day I woke up with excitement that I was going to go home and see my family and have a shower… the only downside was that there was a hellish 3 hour bus trip with singing and I-spy waiting for me

After the trip I slept like a log

p.s I’m in green shirt

- Finn

ACCA Exhibition, 'Unfinished Business'

The Year 7 girls caught the train into Melbourne to view the ACCA Exhibition, 'Unfinished Business'. The exhibition explored feminism today, with a panel of impressive speakers from a number of Secondary Schools. Before arriving at ACCA ,we explored the incredible Triennual Arts exhibition at the Arts Centre, as well as picnicking nearby and befriending every dog and their owners who happened to pass by. A delightful excursion together, with lots of laughter and uplifting experiences, culminating in a sleepover at Candlebark.

Preps & Grade 1s out & about

Daisy and Ivy “can you do a two footed jump” in PE.
Grade Prep and 1 friends walking to the creek to explore

Kerrimuir Chess write up

Bus leaves with ten at eight oh five.

One hour forty five later we arrive.

I’m asked by another teacher how long it took us to get here. (Did I mention the jack-knifed truck blocking the Westgate?) I reply, they look suitably shocked (not impressed, more like how desperate are you?). I politely, but utterly reluctantly, ask how long it was for them. “Five minutes. We’re just down the road.”

It’s hot in the city, so much so that I’m about to change into my emergency shorts. Don’t leave home without them.

Round One:

We arrive a little flustered and a bit late. The kids find their own way to the room, like salmon returning every year. I feel like Bill Murray, without the love interest.

Games are now twelve minutes, with three seconds added per move made. This will work for Lucas and a few of my other thoughtful players who sometimes simply run out of time.

So far so good. I’ve forced the whole team to drink a plastic cup each of water, hand delivered to each player much to the bemusement of the other teachers.

Various forks, traps and skewers reported. Nerds.

I suppose that was a decent first round, but I’m not prepared to tell them that, there’s always room for improvement. Unless you get ten out of ten.

Round Two:

“I’m on table six against a kid with a thousand ranking….”

“I’m on table one.”

That’s what we’re here for kiddies, to play some of Melbourne’s best. I’m demanding aggressive chess, forcing the opponent to react to our move.

Lucas facing a really aggressive pawn attack early on, squashing his options. He needs to retreat a little and hope the opponent overextends or force a pawn exchange in the middle to break the tide. Fascinating.

Henry up against the number one, or two player in state. Aggressively attacking their queen with his, and seeing him run off…Also having an early unexpected exchange of knights to mess up the opponent’s plan. Great stuff.

Ned wanders over not looking too happy. A variation on the four move. I empathise, and remind him we’re here to iron out the issues early in the year. “Yeah,” he replies, “Two for two.” Oh, he won….

Sev plays a little too quickly and misses a move, costing him on table five.

Ewan loses on table eight, slightly sucked into the rhythm of a fast player. He had seven minutes left on the clock though. He knows he should slow down even more against a fast one.

Tristan has a loss: he’s either not sure why, or not willing to share. Reflection is the only way to improve. Saying the opponent was too good, doesn’t help you.

Cosi fully focussed playing a really good hard tough game: a pushed pawn early on applying pressure and turning the game. Great stuff.

Henry is in it, against one of the very best of this age group, right up to the final third. So it’s endings he needs to improve on.

Lucas is in an absolute, high pressure, ding-dong, ringdinger of a game. Fully, fully focussed. I love it.

Red loses a great game, probably in the second half of the middle game, a trap catching his bishop, and she’s a very strong player, so it’s quite difficult to make up the pieces.

Lucas, not for the first time, is the last to finish the round. Once again a slow thinker, eventually in a rush at the end, almost undoing all the careful thought put in earlier. We need to work on his decision making, and speed it up. I suspect by ruling out bad choices a little faster, and being more aware of aggressive exchanges to attack and force the opponent to react more to his decisions.

Draco loses, but his opponent really really took his time. Draco is angry, which is rare, and I’m looking forward to the reaction…

Round Three:

Red with an early win. Anthony has ants in his pants: I can feel a very familiar conversation coming on…then he appears on my shoulder asking where the toilet is. Sorry Anthony!

Ewan and Henry and Sev with thumbs up wins, rebounding quickly, just what I wanted.

Ned, full focus on table eight against a very strong opponent, keeping it tight, and still in it late on.

Anthony returns from the washroom to win. I’m sure he washed his hands….

Draco really working hard, determined to win. Tristan up against another strong Doncaster gardens player, down on pieces, but working hard to stay in it: two bishops up against a queen.

Tristan goes down in a blaze of glory.

Draco somehow, and I’m not entirely sure how, pulls it out of the bag, to win from what, on initial glance, looked like a really bad situation! He is an absolute mongrel to beat when he’s in the mood. When he’s not in the mood, he’s as soft as butter. But today it’s woof woof so far, thanks to the previous opponent’s humiliating chase around.

Round Four:

The Kingmaker round as I’ve just christened it. 10-2-8-? We need to stop the ridiculous fluctuations now, and score at least a 6. There I’ve said it, and jinxed it too.

I dislike seeing move, react, move, react, move. Even if it seems obvious, scan and look for the less obvious: has the earlier exchange left an attacking position exposed? If not, then go back to the obvious.

Cosi in a real fight on table three. Anthony on table eleven: finished, lost.

Ewan unlucky, but again loses a little too quickly. These are the hard games we need to chew on, and take a minute or two to come up with a strategy.

Red loses having been a pawn, or two down in the middle game, which really adds up in the end game. Every pawn should be cherished as long as possible.

Cosi loses to a really strong player. He’s used to this pattern of results, and I really want to figure out a way to help him at this point of the tournament. How to approach games against stronger players.

Draco touches a piece, immediately regrets it, and loses as a consequence. A cattle prod would have erased this error by now, but a mundane repetition of a slow slow slow down will have to do. Maybe I should record more of these lectures on my phone so I can multitask…

Henry thumbs up. Lucas eating chicken dinner tonight, despite a vegetarian proclivity. Ned looking down the barrel of a gun, desperate for a stalemate… He was all even up to the end, when both players had two rooks and some pawns, and that’s where it went wrong. That is a very specific thing we can practice!

A disappointing four, but we are getting plenty of material for these players to chew on.

Round Five:

These are the post lunch round where I hope our greater self-care, more water, better diet, resilience, patience and lack of running to a screen in between games (I can see the irony in that statement) hopefully pay off. I’m in my shorts now, and we mean business.

Three wins come in: Red, Ned and Anthony!

Henry very happy with his win. Tristan on a roll.

Sev pinned and a discovered check to lose. He needs to scan before releasing his hand on the piece, as he was semi-forced into the pin.

Draco with a win, but he still finds a way to beat himself up over how long it took him. I remind him that’s my job.

Ewan loses after a long series of checks.

Lucas and Cosi last two to finish. The focus, as always with these two, is outstanding.

Lucas loses on an end game race to the end, but he takes these losses so much more philosophically! Cosi grinds out a close win.

Good round.

Round Six:

Draco just walks past me, one minute into the round. Not a good sign…

Anthony gets Steve MacQueened off the opening.

Lucas gets a satisfying win.

Red loses in the endgame, both with queens, two rooks and some pawns, getting himself trapped. There is a subtle sense of despondency upon the team. Hopefully nachos and dips will lift their spirits.

Ewan, slams his empty cup down beside me, and registers an “easy win”. Which is nice to hear.

Win or lose, there is a real sense of clarity to Cosi’s endgame. It’s great to watch, he has his plan, and he pursues it.

Sev wins.

Henry eventually succumbs.

Cosi with a weird stalemate…?

Seventh and last round:

Four players on the top eleven tables. Great! We need them all to bring home the points, which at this level is a big ask. Solid thoughtful starts all round.

Anthony back early, grinning.

Tristan unlucky to lose.

Cosi blunders from a knight up to lose a queen. He’s disappointed but handling it a lot better than last year.

Lucas, last to play again. In a really tough grinding game against an obdurate opponent. Down a bishop, but up a pawn. The kings will be vital around the board. Our sniff of a bronze may depend on this. And with it the fate of the entire human race. Or we might just come fourth.

Lucas has an advanced pawn, but doesn’t get his rook behind it in time to stop her doing it. He should have protected that pawn and put pressure on with it. Decision making in the endgame really showing us up here. Our coaches will be working on it assiduously.

Good start, shame to miss out on third by half a point. We will be back.

And scanning the Tornelo website, most of our players ranking went up, and it’s apparent how much stronger other school teams are.

- Andy Moffatt

Prep Sleepover

Wendy and Ian's Preps enjoyed a couple of lovely sleepover nights at school to get them ready for their first big school camp experience.

Ian's Prep went first and they slept inside, looks like they had some chicken watching / babysitting to do.

Wendy's Preps (and their parents) braved the elements and camped outside in tents, including a campfire, marshmallow toasting, drum circle, bedtime stories and topped off with an evening bush visitor. Given the time of year they built a beautiful looking (fake) campfire and ate their marshmallows cold, only after pretending to toast them on the fire.

Community Notices


I am birthing a big project into the world. For 15 years I have been working with groups of women encouraging them to tap into the innate wisdom that is held within their bodies. Finally I have come out of the forest and embraced the technological age. I am launching our 13 Moons Womens' Mysteries Calendar to a wider audience. I am wondering if you would be willing to share this with our school community. It is part of a global movement which encourage us all to live from our hearts in a more peaceful way.

- Kaggi Valentine

Website -13moonsbloodmysteries.com and the link to the campaign is https://pozible.com/project/13-moons-womens-menstrual-calendar

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