Mexican and Asian Americans Raul and Tai


  • Were both looked down upon.
  • Both contributed in WW2.
  • Hard working.
  • Both were discriminated and harassed.


  • Some of the reasons they were discriminated against were different.
  • Some Asians (Japanese) were put in concentration camps.
  • Mexicans were attacked physically more often than Asians.
Mexican Americans

Slogan: They took our land but they won't take our pride away

How were they treated?

Mexican American were treated badly by white Americans. They were made to feel unwelcome even if this used to be their land. Their culture and life style was judged and seen as in patriotic. Service men and Whites would attack Mexican Americans in their own neighborhoods. After these attacks the Mexican youth were the ones to get punished. Media showed Mexican Americans as criminals and bad people.

How did they respond?

Mexican Americans fought back, causing the zoot suit riots. The discrimination didn't stop them from stepping away from their lifestyle and culture. On the other hand, it did cause Mexican Americans to feel like they had no rights.

Mexican American Contribution to WWII

Mexican Americans helped a lot in WWII. They went on missions in their own squadrons for the United States. An example of this is squadron 201 that went on a aircraft combat mission in the Philippines.

Analysis and Opinion

Mexican Americans were discriminated against just because of being different. They helped a lot in developing and helping the United States. We believe they should have been respected way more. Also there was no need to physically attack Mexicans.

Asian Americans

Slogan: We're here. We're yellow. Get used to it.

How were they treated?

Asian Americans were treated like outcasts and discriminated against. Japanese were put into concentration camps after the attack on pearl harbor. Their homes and businesses were vandalized by people wanting the Japanese to leave. They were given the feeling that they don't belong.

How did they respond?

The Asian Americans tried to stand their ground and avoid being put in the camps. They ended up getting most rights taken away causing them to feel like outsiders.

Asian American Contribution WWII

Asian Americans played a big role in WWII, including Japanese Americans. They had their own squadrons and were foot soldiers in combat. They also were used as radio operators and put in other roles. Also a lot of Chinese helped in factories making supplies for the war.

Analysis and Opinion

Asian Americans and mostly the Japanese were targeted because of the attacks on pearl harbor. It was wrong that they were put into camps and treated like enemies. Asian Americans helped the United States win the war, and it should have given them more respect and acceptance.

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