CYAK Ministry Update This is how we are changing to continue meeting the needs of young people across Alaska.

More than ever, our focus is on a number of young people that have been going through various levels of mental and spiritual crises. Our team is uniquely positioned as caregivers for those who are on the edge, struggling with fear, depression, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. This unique positioning requires creativity during stay-at-home mandates.

Relational ministry has shifted to connecting over digital platforms. This format has benefits and challenges in reaching young people. It opens the door to connecting with students who don’t have a youth mentor in their community. At the same time, not every community or youth has access to consistent or strong wifi. This has strong implications on discipleship. Our ministry of care and connections has to evolve so that all young people have the opportunity to reach the support we offer.

Covenant Bible Camp has also shifted as in-person camp is canceled; however, this has resulted in an evolution of camp. This year we are launching a four prong approach to engaging with students:

  1. Camper Package: Individual campers can register to receive "Camp in a Box". This will include access to worship songs, sermons, songbooks, the camp t-shirt, etc.
  2. Group Curriculum: A local camp contact will receive supplies to facilitate activities for groups in their community. Communities will be equipped with sermons, worship songs and songbooks, games and cultural activity guides, and s'more supplies!
  3. Online Presence: Engaging with campers will happen through frequent posting about camper package and group curriculum. Team members are encouraged to share memories of camp.
  4. Contact Campers: A significant part of camp is the personal connection campers make with staff members. To continue this spirit of connection, team members will be contacting campers individually to check-in and pray with them.

We pray with and for our partners around the country in these times. Some of our financial partners have altered or suspended their giving due to job loss or other reasons. This has a direct impact on the level of care the CYAK team can provide as funding for programs decreases. This also impacts paid employees who rely on financial donations for their salaries.

While this season is filled with challenges, CYAK continues to see young leaders rising up and growing as community changers. Over the past few years Freeman Gransbury has interned with CYAK through Covenant Bible Camp, Bethel Covenant Church, and Aarigaa.

When COVID hit, my schedule for ministry outreach changed drastically. I’m still reaching out to the broader Aarigaa community and the ones here in the Aarigaa House. I check in weekly to see how they’re doing. It used to be meeting face-to-face, but since quarantine we haven’t been able to do that anymore. It has been quite the growing experience.

Three ways you can pray:

  1. Pray for the young people across Alaska who are already predisposed to feeling isolated. Pray that the light of Christ would meet them through their communities.
  2. Pray for the health and wellness of the CYAK team as they continue to follow the Lord’s call to care for the young people of Alaska.
  3. Pray for our state leaders as they make decisions about reopening. Pray that the safety and wellness of our population would be in the forefront of their minds.

If you would like to participate in this ongoing work, please consider making a donation or signing on as a monthly partner in ministry.