HABIT a CATHOLIC sHORT about Self discovery

hab·it (noun) 1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

2. a long, loose garment worn by a member of a religious order or congregation.

Alma: Costume reference images

About the story: This project is inspired by my mother's years as a high school student in a Catholic convent. An experimental short conceived to have very little dialogue and a heavy soundscape to support the isolation and contemplation of her experience. My mother is a queer woman coming of age in the 60’s and went on to have 5 girls in 51/2 years, I am her youngest daughter, 4 of which are gay. I want to honor my mother's queerness and see a universality in what she shared that I can deeply relate to. In this reimagined re-sharing of her experience of self discovery I have found a kind of sensitivity to the subtle nuances of space as an exciting visual landscape to explore and seek to strip the story down to its main components of sound and image in an attempt to focus in on the experience through the mise en scene. Leading a “universal” language to the intimacy created in the film.

(composition reference)

Mood: The project will have a dreamlike perspective - too close for comfort. The view of privacy or solitary that is fixed or inward, only to compositionally change when the moment of self-discovery is actualized. I want to explore the experience of place without relying on traditional narrative structure, dialogue, and music. I seek to have the short represent the resiliency of love - its excitement, joy, and light - all birthed in the experienced of knowing yourself.

ACT 1 - Introduction to convent way of life.

ACT 2 - Alma has conflict with other girls in the convent.

Climax- Alma discovers her desire for a classmate while praying in her room.

Habit is set to be produced in Summer 2019 - Working in collaboration with indigo impact production company to join their local and international network of filmmakers and films to reach a wider audience via film festivals, direct distribution, and community/alternative screenings. We Will also be submitting to local shorts film festivals as early as Fall 2019 and available for private viewing online & on demand with a emphasis on our queer community.

Production: I will be constructing a canvas room of simple means to allow for a 360 film space and creating original costuming as a way of controlling the pallet of the films visual aesthetic. I will have 3 locations, church, bedroom and garden/chore area. A small crew of 6 members maximum.

The Team: Amanda Vigil - Director, Maria Judice - Producer with Indigo Impact

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Vigila amanda

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