Simple Machines "Think, Do, Test" Packet Nolan's Packet

Challenge 1:


Today we are going to build the basic pendulum. We hope that we won't have to make too many modifications to the pendulum. Once we finish the basic pendulum we are going to start making modifications. I hope that we will get a 5/5 on our first try.

The basic pendulum didn't work. We will have to make modifications. We came up with plans in the last few minutes of class.

Here is the timelapse of us building the basic pendulum.


Yesterday, we built the basic pendulum from the packet. We tried to knock over the blocks but our test failed. We plan to add 4 motors to the base of the pendulum to make it so the base doesn't move. We will also add a second wheel to the pendulum to make it stronger. I will also make the pendulum taller by taking out the 2 x 12 beam and replacing it with the 2 x 20. I will also make the pendulum arm taller by adding a 1 x 6 beam to the 1 x 12 beam.

We didn't take a video of it working 5 times but we did get a slo-mo. We finished the challenge with a 5/5. It was our first try. Tomorrow we will move on to the second challenge.

Here is a picture of the sides of the pendulum.

Here is the finished base.

Here is the finished catapult with the finished arm.

Here is a slow-mo of the our pendulum.

Challenge 2:


Description: We want to create a pulley system/ elevator that can lift/ transport 3 blocks 3 inches high.

Criteria: 1)The elevator must lift 3 small objects at a time of equal weight 2) The elevator must use a pulley 3) The elevator must include a platform or container to hold the objects being lifted. 4) The elevator should include a mechanism to lift and lower the platform manually (a crank handle)

Yesterday, we finished building the pendulum with our modifications. It scored a 5/5 on its first test. Today we will have to build a pulley system/ elevator for our second challenge. We will build the elevator that is in the packet and then modify it. We will then test it to see if it can lift the blocks. We will also build a crank so that we can manually lift the elevator.

This is the basic pulley design

We tested the pulley and it didn't work. The design wasn't stable. There was also no way to crank it.


Yesterday, we finished building the simple pulley system. We found out the we needed to add a crank to manually pull the elevator and we also found out that we needed to make a platform for the wooden blocks. Today we are going to make the elevator taller. We are also going to make the string longer. We are also going to make a compartment for the blocks so that they do not fall off.

Here is our first design for the compartment and crank.

We tried this design but it didn't work. We noticed it wasn't stable enough. We built walls to keep the blocks in.


Yesterday, we tried to do modifications to the elevator and none of them worked. Near the end of the class period, we build a new compartment that works very well. We also made the whole thing taller. We also made the base wider to make it more stable. Today we are going to try and make a working crank. We are also planning to finish Challenge 2 today. We are going to try and test our elevator soon.

We did a new design for the pulley. It didn't work at all. We are going to try to make a better crank.

Here is the new sturdier compartment


Last week we tried to make changes to our design. The only changes that worked was when we made the elevator taller and a better compartment for the three blocks. Today I have a plan to make the crank work. We are going to try to complete challenge two today. I will also try to complete the paper and pencil packet.

We got our pulley to work with its new design on the first try. The new crank worked really well. The pulley lifted 6 inches.

Here is a picture of the finished pulley.

Challenge 3:


Yesterday, we completed the second challenge. We lifted the blocks about 6 in which is 3 in more than the minimum. Today we are going to finish the elevator part of the booklet. We are also going to start to build the third challenge. We will build the basic model before modifying it.

I only had enough time to make the catapult taller

Today, we completed the second part of the packet. We also completed the basic design of the lever and started making modifications to turn it into a catapult. We made it taller and that was about it. We didn't have enough time to make any other modifications so we are going to save our time for tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the basic catapult design


Yesterday, we completed the second part of the packet. Now we only have part 3 left. We also built the basic lever for challenge 3. I made only 1 modification and that was making it taller. Today we are going to try and finish modifications on our lever and try to complete the third challenge.

We got 3/3 on our first try. It worked perfectly. Our design was very simple but worked very efficiently. We now get to move on to building a sumo bot.

Our final design is shown in the video. We forgot to take a picture of it before dismantling it.

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