Elements of art By: Jinwen Jerry ZHong

Form is deceiving. Not as real as it looks. May be an illusion, or maybe a hook.


Texture is the feeling of the mind. Sense of touch of the eye. Sense of smoothness from thy tie.


Space is the infinite. Distance from afar. Separating positive from negative.


Nature creates shape. Shape surrounds nature. It is an outline. An Outline of the world.


Lines cover the world. But does not exist. Two things meeting. Creates a line. An imaginary line.


Color enhances the things we see. Lighten up the day as we speak. Many times they mention hue. All I can do is write poems for you.


Value gives value to shade. White to black is the max. In between is the gray.


Created with images by JamesDeMers - "lambs ear texture fuzzy" • bruvvamike - "space needle" • Unsplash - "architecture skyscraper urban" • Jim_K-Town - "kriss crossed" • anzanello - "Color" • derek.chan - "Thirteen"

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