My Non-human Loves by Robert Connolly

Over the years, all of our dogs have been rescues. None are horribly well-trained for leash walking. Yet, a simple reach for the leashes always sets them into a frenzy.
Sophia was the first dog for my wife and I together.
She was beautiful and happy from the start.
She died too young a the age of nine after multiple cancer treatments.
Abbie came to us when we moved to Memphis and Sophia seemed too lonely.
Abbie was a people person, never met anyone she did not like, and would follow anyone who seemed like a good prospect for giving any attention.
She truly fancied herself a queen, always placed on her throne.
Buddy came along a couple of years later.
He turned out to be just a huge dog whose bark was always worse than his bite.
He loved the water whether in a backyard pool . . .
. . . or the ponds at Shelby Farms.
At the age of nine, Buddy was just worn out. He was blind, had cancer and hip dysplasia. I still grieve over the loss of Buddy.
In the seven years we have had Grace she has certainly put on some needed weight and fur and has outgrown her first name of Possum Head.
She is our most needy dog ever, but also a good friend and companion.
Mostly, our dogs have always gotten along quite well.
And have become best of friends at first sight.
They have always been good with family, friends, and folks met along the way.
Today, we are a one-dog family with Grace.
I cannot imagine life without our non-human loves.
Created By
Robert Connolly


All photos by Robert or Emma Connolly. Final photo is taken in Emmaville, Minnesota.

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