Indus River valley A place were survival isn't everything

Welcome to the Indus River valley, the place were you would love to live.

This would be a great place to live so I would get packing and buy a plane ticket to get out here right away. The biggest reason is you don't all ways just work you have time to play and have a fun life. Some things they played are dice, marbles, and board games.

If you don't believe me I have a lot of reasons why you should come. Lest go read them.

The Indus River valley is good because the Himalaya Mountains are right next to it. It gets good water from the Hindu Kush mountains because the snow melts over it and goes to the Indus River.

The Indus River is north east from the Hindu Kush mountains and west of the Himalayas mountains.

5 reasons why you should live here.

-The Indus River is really good for trading because the have good supplys to trade with and have a water source that you can go anywhere you want to trade.

-The Indus River also has good transportation because they have a good water source that they can transport iteams by boat.

-One really amazing thing they have is the great bath witch all the people of India take baths in. This is a really awesome resource because the people can take baths with clean water.

-Also India has a sewer system made of mud bricks. This is a good resource because the water is clean so they would not get sick drinking it.

-The last reason is that India has houses. Not on,y the rich live in them poor people do to. This is good because know body is homeless. These house are made of mud bricks and there are many of them in one area. People play in the courtyards and on the roofs of their houses.

Description of Physical features

-Gets a lot of rain in June and October. It can get up to 5 to 20 inches. Witch is good because you can get rich soil and it is not a dry climate.

-The Indus River gets some of the best farm land because after it floods it leaves silt with leavs rich soil to farm with.

-The temperatures in the Indus River valleys can go from 65 degrees to 90 degrees. That is good because it never gets to hot but it is not to cold.


These are the reasons why you should move. Are you packing right know as your reading this I hope so. But if you don't move trust me you will be sorry.


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