2016 Year In Review New and emerging technology

For my project I decided to explore technology with a focus on new revolutionary technology. This year has been one of extraordinary advancement and I made sure to focus on only the most important advancements of the past year.

Space X Falcon 9

Elon Musk has done it again. Space X is the most successful privately owned space travel company. In the early 2000s Musk set out to create a reusable rocket. This would have been an incredible accomplishment on its own. However, he also stated that he wanted the rocket to be able to land it self after coming down from orbit. After several small test runs and a few explosions, the falcon 9 was finally able to carry a payload into orbit and successfully land on the barge.

Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars have the chance to become one of the most important innovation, not just of this year, but of this decade. They have been in the works for years ever since Google announced they were working on one. Since then several other companies have joined in including Tesla and BMW. This year has been a battle with government agencies to allow them on the road. Uber has also begun rolling out self driving cars. Google's project "Waymo" has also just announced their consumer grade, self driving, electric SUV.

Gene Editing in Plants

Whether or not you are in favor or GMO foods, they are undoubtedly an important development. Although the CRISPR process is several years old, it is only just being used on a large scale this year. In laboratories all across the planet scientists are using it to modify plants. From creating bigger yields of rice to making fungus resistant barley, There is a lot of potential in this new technology. One of the most important uses is solving global food shortages. By modifying crops to grow in adverse weather and produce more food, scientists are able to decrease the overall price of food and increase its availability.

Virtual Reality

Of all of the advancements this year VR wasn't coolest or flashiest, but it did arguably have the biggest impact. Only a year after Oculus announced their virtual reality headset there are already several competitors. From HTC to Valve to Google, the market for quality VR is expanding rapidly. In 2016 alone it went from a cool sci-fi concept to a massive multi-million dollar industry. Virtual Reality is bound to have an impact on the future of how we learn, explore, and game.


Created with images by Paul Miller - "You'll never guess who I had in the back of my self-driving car the other day..."

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