Noni Fruit Makenna shrager

Have you ever wondered what other weird fruits are out in the world? The Noni Fruit has many benefits of eating it, or drinking the juice. To start off, Noni helps prevent cancer, liver failure, diabetes, and heart disease. Noni helps recover from memory loss and tight muscles. The juice from this odd fruit has the ‘power’ to make your skin healthier and more radiant.

The noni tree grows over extended amounts of land from Southeast Asia to Australia. The species is now growing throughout the tropics, but this fruit is also known in the South Pacific. Other places that it grows in that is not very common is Fiji, Hawaii, and Tahiti. Over these lands you may hear several names for this fruit including Great Morinda, Indian Mulberry, Noni, Beach Mulberry and Cheese Fruit.

Noni fruit has a strong smell that is kind of like something overripe and stinky cheese mixed together. Coyote Peterson, otherwise known as, Brave Wilderness, has eaten this repulsive fruit. Coyote says that it smells like spoiled milk that has been sitting in the sun for several days, then poured into a stinky rubber boot. Someone then put on the boot walked around the jungle for an hour, stepped in dog manure, poured the mixture into a balloon, and said eat this.

As well as the smell Noni also looks very odd. This fruit looks like a very bumpy pear. Noni has brown splotches that look like eyes all around it. It’s color is a very bright yellow, sort of like a sticky note. The size of this fruit is very small like a potato.


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