This is the first documentary about the small boat sailor, inventor and writer Sven Yrvind. It's also a film about life choices and what society expects from you. When you break free from the shackles of society some will call you a prophet, some will call you a fool. Sven Yrvind has experienced both.



What is happiness? What is madness? Sven Yrvind lost his father during World War II, was beaten in school and sent to a boarding school for defiant children. He fled during his military service but ended up in prison. The only way out was to sign a paper that he was mentally ill. At young age Yrvind was already up against the society. So he built a simple rowing boat and started sailing the big world.

Yrvind is a living legend that holds the most records in sailing, has lectured for royalty and visited places few people have ever heard of. He has filled his life with his own projects with the aim to be a free man.

He is also author of a number of books on small boat voyages, has always advocated that a small boat is safer at sea than a bigger boat. His argument is rather sound in principle. A small and light object, let`s say a cork, will float up and down in the waves. A heavier object will be subject to larger forces and prone to break easier than a smaller object. Quite the essence of his life philosophy.

When reading Yrvind's books or listening to his stories, one’s perspective on life gets challenged. When you are young, life can feel so obvious and all choices so simple. But as an adult one starts questioning life choices. Have I really made active decision, or just followed a stream of expectations and preconceived opinions about how life should be lived?

At the age of 80, Yrvind is building his one-meter-wide sailing boat, Exlex Minor, which he will sail from the southern coast of Ireland over the Atlantic Ocean and round Cape Horn in about 350 days without putting foot on dry land. Madness according to many, but Yrvind himself believes he is one of the few sane persons in the world.

Our goal with the documentary is to share Yrvind's remarkable stories and achievement and raise questions about our choice in life and inspire alternative ways of living. New technical innovations and digitalization aim to improve our everyday life, yet more people experience stress and unease. When more people become critical of today's society, and more people get stuck in the rat race, we have to ask the question. Is it we who are insane or is it Yrvind?

Many people misunderstand life. They think comfort is happiness. But unfortunately, that type of happiness only works in the short term because it, like drug abuse and shopping strays, burns energy intended for future well-being. Those who enjoy effortless comfort are constantly deprived of energy. They lose energy, become louder and fat, get weakened health and become more extinct. If you feel comfortable, start exercising instead of buying a softer bed. Rest your energy. It is this lack of insight that causes many people to waste a large part of their lives in pursuit of increased comfort. - Yrvind


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