My Tour of the Harn Museum of Art Ayberk Aydin

The Medium of the Art and the Technique of the Artist:

Aluminum Art, Dont touch !!

There was a rock made of aluminum, compressed, then painted over with a sort of gold and crimson finish. As you an see above, there are many tiny patterns and cracks the artist formed it to be. I wonder if each fold was made on purpose or the whole thing crushed all at one time. Seeing it in person helped because I could get up close and personal, without touching of course. A picture can only be so helpful. It helped being there so I could get a 3 dimensional view of the object; another plus to being there in person. I found it interesting how there were so many different shapes in the work of art, all blended into one big complete figurine. I thought of pollution when I saw it. All the world's pollution crumbled up into one dung looking pile. Definitely sends a message. I felt a sense of obliviousness to how much pollution there is out there. The artwork itself may not be about pollution but it definitely made me think of pollution.

Design of the Harn Museum:

A pool of water

The Design of the museum was very modern and fashionable; there was brown hardwood floor and you could hear an echo as you walked around in the museum. There was a garden that also contained its own works of art like the little pool of water shown here. The exhibits are presented with either pieces of art or large murals. One section had a large mural while another had a sculpture. In the middle of the exhibit sections there were groups of sculptures everywhere. The garden was beautiful, it was full of the dazzling rays of sunshine and being next to water always soothes my nerves. This was the section that appealed to me the most.

Art and its Core Values:

The educated pronounce it voss

The emotions that these "vosses" instilled in my heart were there beautiful colors like the rainbow, only mixed in together so perfectly and evenly to produce the color black and its brown counterpart. I was just joking for a minute there haha, having fun with this. But for real, the "vosses" colors reminded me of the yin and yang and the blending and stratification of emotion and the way it works. Feeling really truly is something we experience in the moment. Who knows how we will be feeling in the future, sometimes we forget feelings from the past trying to think about them but cannot feel them anymore. This work of art tells me to live in the moment, that is important. If we do not open our eyes we may just miss it.

Art and the Good Life:

As Dali would say, "it is an elephant." Just kidding it is chaotic like life itself muahahaha

This painting reminded me of chaos, but at the same time, the flow of water. The strokes look like some kind of emulsified liquid able to change shape and form to fit the scenario it finds itself within. I believe that in order to attain the good life, one must learn the virtue of adaptability. It allows you to accept situations and adapt to them to work through them.

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