DESERT Plants🌵 and animals 🐪

It's superpower is The tarantula hawk stinger is one of the the most painful stings in the world so he protects from predators like that

This is the kangaroo rat

It's super power is that he doesnt need water to survive it gets water from its food

DESERT tortoise stay cool in burrows or holes in the ground

A cactus has long deep roots.Its roots collect and store water

The tarantulas uses his venom stinger to survive

Rain forest trees and orquideas can't survive in the desert beacause

Beacause rain forest trees need a lot of water

Orquideas can only live in cold places

Polar bears can't survive in the desert because they need to be in a cold place and have very thick fur

Penguins can't survive in the desert because they need to be in cold places

How has the desert changed over time? How is it changing now?

The deserts of the world are threatened by a combination of human exploitation and climate change.

How have plants and animals adapted to the changes in the desert?

The desert have gone hotter beacause of the global warming so a lot of desert animals are in extinction


By Carlos ,Juan Diego ,Grecia and Andresa

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