Time to Buy a HOUSE! Jade Ryan

Before you can look for you dream house you must first create a checklist to see what is most important to you. Like the safety and price and size.For me this is how my list went.

Job Title: Teacher

I choose this as my profession because this is where I see myself on the long run of my life and I chose to be in Philadelphia because it's where I grew up and I would love to give children what I didn't have. I would Luke to live on the outside of philly just so it I can have peace and quite but I just might stay in philly.

City of Job: Philadelphia

Get Pre-Approved

Pre-Approval Amount:273,000

  • Income:83,000...... Down Oayment Amount:17,000.....Credit Score:660

Find Your Home

Adress: 7805 Chelwynde Ave Philadelphia, PA 19153 #of Bedrooms:3 #of Bathrooms:2 Price:185,000 Lot Size:1,360sqft Amenities: Cooling, Heating, parking, garbage disposal, range/oven, finished basement. Age:52 Other: Natural Energy


Calculate Closing Cost

Down Payment: 17,000

Property Taxes: 1,683.50.

Title Insurance: 1,325.00

Processing Fee: 1,850

Flood Cart: $20

Mortgage App Fee:$150

Commitment Fee$370.


Total Amount Paid At Closing: 22,898.50.......HoUse Price:185,000

Calculate Mortgage Amount

Property Value: 185,000

Down Payment Amount: 17,000.

Credit Score:660.......

.# of years(loan term):15yrs......

Mortgage Rate:3.052%.....

.Monthly Mortgage Payment:1,278.00

Can you afford it?

Monthly Mortgage Payment:1,278.00

Monthly Income:6,916.66

Percent of Monthly Income: 18%


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