Lit By Miracles When the world invites darkness, only our children's eyes hold the sparks of hope and flickers of possibility with which to light the future.

In our world today, there is much focus on what is wrong.

There is a lot of talk about what's wrong with our communities and our schools. There's talk about 'problem' schools, teachers and children. The more we focus on what's wrong, the more the individuals within them begin to feel isolate, misunderstood, unfairly labeled and inferior.

With these labels, things become divided. It becomes a game of 'us' and 'them'. Division creates a protective energy. People are fighting for their cause but no one is listening to one another. And the children, the parents, the teachers slip even more deeply into feeling alone.

Lit by Miracles is changing school, one organization and one community at a time.

Lit by Miracles is quickly establishing itself as a groundbreaking company focused on bringing out the potential in children, their schools, their families, and their surrounding communities.

We are fighting for every child, parent and educator to be seen in their rightness. We are fighting for every child, parent and educator to feel strong in their own voice, and being confident in using that voice to speak even when they’re afraid.

We do not see any child, any school, any parent, any teacher or any community as a problem to be solved.

There is more rightness in this world than wrongness. That is true of your children, your school and of this community.

Lit by Miracles sees what is right and fosters it so it can grow in classrooms...and in communities. We see the potential for a safe space to be created, and for intelligent solutions to win the day. Because no child is broken, no matter how much hurt they’ve experienced.

What sets us apart is we understand, better than anyone, how to create safe spaces where people feel loved, encouraged, and connected. It is the creation of these spaces, and the recognition of the good that is already present, that we are able to bring out the best in kids, in schools, and in neighborhoods.

Join us in telling our stories and turning our focus on what is right so our parents, our teachers and especially our children can feel safe, seen and can prosper.

Created By
Janette Valentino


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