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Many believe that rugby was born in 1823 when William Webb Ellis "with fine disregard for the rules of football as played in his time at Rugby school, first took the ball in his arms and ran with it, thus originating the distinctive feature of the Rugby game". The early games of rugby dating back to the 16th - 18th century would usually be played between neighboring towns and villages, involving an unlimited number of players on opposing teams, who would fight and struggle to move an inflated pig's bladder by any means possible to markers at each end of a town.

The basic point system in rugby is

A try - five points are awarded for touching the ball down in your opponent's goal area.

A conversion - two points are added for a successful kick through the goalposts after a try.

A goal kick - three points are awarded for a penalty kick or drop goal through the posts.

"After a short warm-up players who need to reduce their body fat levels should begin their pre-season training sessions with a fat burning session on the gym CV equipment," explains Bitcon. Then 15 minutes of Pilates or stability work is a great way to start off a training session and is extremely important for improving balance, control and core stability.

Endurance training is also important, however, don't introduce it right at the beginning of your pre-season training, wait until you're three or four weeks in and then begin some timed 1000 meter runs. Endurance is really important due to the high pace of the game going continuously for 80 min

Todays top 5 players to ever play the game are

#5 Joost van der Westhuizen (SA) - one of the greatest scrum-half of all time . He scored on 38 of his 89 tests and inspired in recent years with a fight against motor neurone disease.

#4 Jonah Lomu (NZ) - A physical one man team who single handedly beat an England team in the 1995 world cup by him self.

#3 Brian O’Driscoll (IRE) - one of the most feared players , was the most consistent player ever and finished second in all time scores.

#2 Dan Carter (NZ) - was arguably the greatest player ever , he was A prolific goal-kicker, a wonderful silky runner and a masterful controller.

#1 Richie McCaw (NZ)- The number one on the scores list , who most would describe as the Michael Jordan of rugby.

Other than mouth guards , players do not wear protection. sometimes players wear thin padding under neath their rugby jersey that has to be approved by the international rugby board. They also wear boots , which we know as cleats. most people say that when picking a pair of boots , dont go after the flashiest boots. A player will stand out because of their ability rather than the boots they are wearing.


The object of the game is score more points than your opponents in the 80 minute time frame allotted for each rugby match. The team with the greater number of points at full time is announced as the winner. The team with the ball must move the ball up the field in ‘phases of play’. The ball can never be passed forwards but players can run forwards with the ball or kick the ball forward to chase it down. The opposing team needs to stop the attacking team by tackling and trying to retain the ball.

Countries that play rugby

England with 1809 clubs and almost 2 million registered players

France with 1798 clubs and about 360,000 players

New Zealand with 600 clubs and 157,000 players

Australia with 767 clubs and 87,000 players

Fiji wins 1st ever Olympic gold

Fiji won its 1st gold medal in the country's history. they won this in the sport of rugby. They were considered favorites throughout the Olympic games. They demolished great Britain in the final game 43-7 to claim the gold medal.



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