The House On Settlers Path By Peter Fleury

My Name

Peter, a simple two syllable first name. My name, Peter, comes from the Bible that means “rock” or “stone”. The first Pope of the Catholic Church was named Peter: he was the “stone” or the foundation that the church built off. I am my parents first child, so I guess you could say that I was the foundation that helped start our family. My parents learn as much from me as I do from them. Being the oldest, I am given many responsibilities by default. Some of those responsibilities include watching over and protecting my younger brother Jack. As well as protecting him, I also have to be a good role model and set a good example to help show him right from wrong.

My parents chose this name for me for many reasons, but one reason stands out greatly to me. My mom comes from a very large family, my grandma was one of seventeen. With a very large family and hundreds of cousins you can expect to be very close to some of them and not as close to the others. This was the case with my mom. One of my mom’s cousins, who she was very close to, experienced great tragedy when her son, Peter, died in a car accident at the age of 18 after he was hit by an oncoming driver. I was named after my mom’s cousin’s son in memory of him and I feel very honored to be named after him. When I go visit my extended family and see my mom’s cousins I am reminded that my name is very special to not just me but my home family.

As well as being named after someone, I like my name for many other reasons. You can walk to into almost any classroom and it is unlikely you will find someone named Peter. The name is not like Jack, where there is almost always at least one kid with that name in every class. My name is also not complicated, people I meet do not have to guess how it is pronounced. The name Peter is simple, yet uncommon. I do not think my parents could have chose a better name for me.

My brother and I about five years ago.
My family and I on vacation in New Hampshire this past summer.
Some of my closes cousins when they all came to visit last year.

The Porch

One of my favorite places to go is the porch of my family camp on the St. Lawrence river in Quebec. It may be a small area, but there is many things to do like spending time with a family, relaxing, or just taking in the scenery.

I love our porch because it is a place where my family gathers and can share stories about their lives. Our camp is shared throughout our family, so every time I go there during the summer, there is always someone different there. Whether it is my uncles, aunts, cousins, or even pets we always find our way to the porch after a long day of fishing, swimming, or boating. Some of my most memorable family moments have taken place on this porch. For example, my uncle from Los Angeles surprised us when we had came to visit. This was the first time I had seen him in five years. The porch will remain a family gathering place where many other stories will be told and many more memorable moments will take place in the years to come.

The porch is my favorite place to go and relax and release all my stress while listening to the waves lap up against the shore and watching the big cargo ships go down the river. The scenery from the porch is unimaginable. The whitecaps of the waves, the island in the distance, and the site of Ontario seven miles across is beautiful. As night starts to fall, the sun starts to set and reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks explode across the sky as the sun disappears over the horizon. Night brings a whole new sight. The twinkles of headlights and streetlights start to become apparent on the King’s 401 highway across the river in Ontario, the red pulsating lights on top of radio towers, and some of the biggest stars I have ever seen shine bright in the sky. The sights and memories that I have experienced on our porch will always call me back to not just the relaxing atmosphere, but to the memories of my family as well.

View from our family's porch. Looking straight forward you see the St. Lawrence river and the land on the other side about seven miles across is Ontario. Also, the little sliver of an island you see is called Sheep Island. The island has been for sale for many year.
This is a picture of the exterior of our porch taken from the end of our doc.
The St. Lawrence river is a sea way used by many cargo ships to access the Great Lakes. In this photo you see a large cargo ship making its way to the great lakes.
The sun setting over the river after a long day.

The Time I Broke My Thumb

It’s the end of summer vacation before I find myself as a freshman in high school. It being the end of summer, school and golf tryouts are coming up in the next couple of weeks my friends and I decided we should get together and do something fun before we have to back to school. We decided to go to Sky Zone an indoor trampoline park where they have various activities such as dodge ball and basketball. After a couple hours of jumping my friends and I decided to go to the basketball hoops. All of my friends and I are taking turns doing different tricks and slam dunks when it comes back to me. I thought to myself that I need to do something cool to impress my friends, so I get ready and approach the hoop ready to a do a dunk. I get up to the rim and do my dunk, but my thumb hits the rim of the basket. In the next five minutes my thumb has swelled up to twice its size. After going home and icing it all night and it not getting any better, I decided I should go to the doctors and have them look it. After going to the doctors I discovered that I broke my thumb and would not be able to participate in golf tryouts. This was really disappointing to me because I was really looking forward to playing golf, but could not because of a stupid mistake. I am still made fun of jokingly by my friends for this and is something that will probably stick with me for the rest of high school or even longer.

My Dad

My dad has always been there for me. He guides me and shows me right from wrong and encourages me to be the best I can be. When I ever I have a problem or a question I always go to him and I can count on him to help me. My dad has really shaped me into who I am today, from my favorite sports to my best school subjects.

I can always count on my dad to help me. If I am struggling in a school subject or I am having a personal problem he is always there to help me. For example every time I have a quiz or test in a subject, my dad always helps me study, or if I am struggling in a class like math he will sit down with me and will explain what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. My dad pushes me to do well in school and I know someday it will pay off.

My dad and I both share a passion for food and sports. We like to go see different sporting events like the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and the Montreal Canadiens. When we go see these teams whether it be in Boston or Montreal we like to explore the many different cultures within in these cities. For example, one of our favorite places to go in Boston is Chinatown. We have tried many different foods there like Hot Pots which is a soup they bring in large pot and put on a hotplate in front of you and you can cook your own food inside the soup. As well as going to many different sporting events and restaurants, my dad and I love to golf. Every weekend when the weather is nice we try our best to play a round of golf. I look up to my dad and wish that someday when I am a father with a family of my own I can be as good of father as him.

The two pictures on the left are when the Montreal Canadians came to the TD Garden and we took pictures in front of the Bobby Orr Statue with are Canadians gear on. The first picture on the right is a picture of me when my dad took me to sit on top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park for the first time. On the far right us when my family and I took a trip to Seattle and went out to eat at a seafood restaurant where we got alaskan salmon a couple of years ago.
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