Ridgefield fourth of july celebration Ridgefield celebrates the Fourth of July BIG each year, this year will look a little different due to our need to protect the health of our community, but with your help it will be just as fun and patriotic!

Welcome! Think of this web-page as your guide to today's Virtual First Saturday experience.

We hope you will enjoy today's activities and virtual events and share your experience with us and the rest of your community by interacting on Facebook and posting your photos on social media with #VirtualFirstSaturday

Virtual events & activities

  • Kid, Pet & Craft Parade: We will be streaming a virtual photo parade filled with submissions from community members! Find it on the City of Ridgefield Facebook page.
  • Crafts Activities and Games: Find a collection of 4th of July inspired DIY crafts, a scavenger hunt and other fun at home activities below.

This event is co-sponsored by the Ridgefield 4th of July planning organization, City of Ridgefield, First Saturday Committee and local businesses. Live Kid Parade, Car Parade and Patriotic Parade of Homes are hosted and judged by Ridgefield 4th Non-Profit.

Display a U.S. Flag!

Crafts, Activities, and Games


  1. Gather smooth surface rocks, wash them and allow them to dry completely.
  2. Paint each rock in a different patriotic design using red, white, and blue paint.
  3. Display them around your garden beds or porch to show your patriotic spirit!


  1. Purchase a large star cut out or create your own using cardboard.
  2. Purchase white, blue or red spray paint, then lay your cut out on the grass where you wish to paint a star.
  3. Repeat until the yard is beautifully decorated, allow to dry. Talk about curb appeal... WOW!


  1. Pick a pallet in good shape, fix any nails sticking out by replacing them or hammering them into the wood.
  2. Sand the boards to remove any rough sports.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Prime the wood with a roll brush or wide paint brush.
  4. Place cardboard in between the pallet so paint doesn't drip onto the other side.
  5. Use painters tape and mark off a square in the top left corner for your blue paint.
  6. Once dried, use star cut outs to lay over top of boards and spray paint them white or white glitter.
  7. Once that portion has dried you can pain every other board red leaving the tape on until the pallet has dried.

Taa daa... Beautiful entry piece!


A couple suggestions... be creative! There are many ways to build a hat!
  1. Set up a card table with scissors, glue, star cutouts, construction paper, cotton balls, paper plates, glitter and tape and have everyone create their own Uncle Sam Hat!
  2. After everyone is done and the glue has dried, have a small parade of Uncle Sam Hats and let the party decide on the winner.

Instagram bonus - Family members in their newly made hats make the perfect photo-op! #RidgefieldFirstSaturdays


  1. Hand out red, white and blue tokens or something of similar size. You will need several more tokens than players. Each player should start with one token. Designate a player to be the first "It"
  2. The "It" chases other and tries to tag them. When tagged, the tagged player must give the person that tagged them their chip, and pick up a new chip before becoming the new "It"
  3. The first player to have collected 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue chip wins!


Have fun with this one. First one in your group to complete the hunt receives a prize of your choosing - OR modify the game and make the goal to create rows or a box. Printable version available here.

Thank you for joining us!



Created with images by Belle Collective - "pepperdine 911 memorial" • Paul Weaver - "4th of July - Waving Flag"