Physics Project 2 By: Yaseen


My Aim is to apply the same force to three objects with different masses.

My Hypothesis is that I think the tennisball will travel faster than the other two objects as it is a lighter object even with the same force applied.


  • Tennisball
  • 4 KG Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Stopwatch
  • Meterstick


Controlled Variable: Applied Force

Independent Variable: Mass

Dependent Variable: Distance/Time= Speed


At the very beginning my partner and I decided to do three different objects with different masses and they were balls. We chose a 4KG ball, volleyball, tennisball. My partner and I went out of the classroom and chose our starting point we marked our starting point with a metric ruler. I threw each object three times with the same applied force and my partner timed when I threw it and stoped the time when the object hit the ground. I made sure I applied the same force by putting the object behind my ear and releasing it my partner also measured where it landed. Lastly when my partner and I were done we made a bar graph and went back to class.

My Results

Free Body Diagram


Free Body Diagram



I have successfully fully proved my hypothesis because the tennisball traveled faster than any other two objects I have Evidence by showing my two graphs. My Aim was right and was proven because my Aim stated that an object with less mass than the other objects will travel in less time. At the very end my hypothesis and Aim was correct and proven.

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