Gabby G: All About Me "You can never cross the ocean, unless you have the COURAGE to loose sight of the shore" -anonymous

  • Hi everyone, Gabby here, and this is going to be a webpage sort of about me and my life so far. Well, the first thing people should know about me is that am a thirteen year girl who dreams of becoming an actress on Broadway someday. I enjoy doing stuff like dancing, singing, acting, anything really performing arts related! So yea, enjoy everyone! :)
Just basic info. about me, along with my friends Margaret and Mary Kathrine!
My cousin, sister and I at Disney Wrld, Lab puppy( could not get pic of my puppy, but this looks like her) , me in my Lion King Jr. makeup, and my star sign info XD
Just my love of all things singing and dancing related! ( Srry, if you can't see all text on pics, could not get in to work :| )
My sister and I next to the Wishing Boar fountain in Greenville SC, and just a random meme...

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