Help Save the Sea Turtles and Stop Global warming

Global warming: Is the building up of carbon dioxide and methane increasing temperatures to warm up.

Habitat of Sea turtles: They live in a subtropical and tropical oceans. Examples: Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans.

This is were the Sea turtles live

Climate: The climate is warm were the Sea turtles live

The sun keeps the Sea turtles warm were they live

Sea turtles are affected by global warming by the sea level rises from the melting of the polar ice so it is already making us have less sand. Also the sand is getting so hot, they can't nest and they will die out if they don't re-prepuce.

This baby Sea turtle was just born

Global warming causes ocean water to heat up, so Sea turtle dont know if there in the north or south

The Sea turtle is confused because it doesn't know where it is


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