Harn Museum Art Tour

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: Yvonne Jacquette is an American born artist who grew up in the northeastern United States, so her oil painting on canvas of New York City at night is likely a personal take on the city. It is set at night, but is bright enough so everything can be seen, so she's probably fond of the city, especially its brightness and liveliness. As somebody who does not like big cities, particularly not New York, this provides a different take and opinion about the most famous city in the world.

The design of the museum: The museum was very open and had a lot of free and unoccupied space. It was also in a loop. The fact that it was in a loop made it so you are more likely to go all the way around and see all that the exhibits have to offer. The openness of the museum is so you can see the artwork from different angles and different points of view. As you can see in the photo below, there is so much space for activities! This goes to the idea about not just having a single story. There was an area where, like the first painting I described the medium of the art, there were a number of similar paintings and that is probably where I spent the most time out of any of the areas of the museum.

Art and Core Values: Art can often get down to what it is we value most as individuals and collectively as a society. In the photo that I noticed most as something that conveys that, presumably a mother was working with her baby on the work bench she was working on. This hits on a couple different things: 1) the premium we, especially women, have on taking care of children 2) the burden women have in the rearing of children and how it is so often unequally yoked between the mother and father, and sometimes completely unyoked.

Art and the Good Life: Good art can show aspects of the good life. Things and ideas that are innate in us draw us to certain art. I noticed a piece of artwork that showed a number of people outside celebrating and thought "how fitting is this?" We have celebrating, which is a theme we have talked about in class, as well as people out in nature connecting to nature, another theme from the class.

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