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A- Africa mean cold
B- black spider monkey is vulnerable
c- china and Africa trader
D- dancing is what they do
E-expression is what Africa do fore have more space
F- the Africa people eat fish
f-giraffe are the tallies animals in Africa and they eat leaves on the top of the tree
H- Hippos are the fattest and the 2nd deadliest animal in Africa they can live in water or on land.
I- Iron from Africa
j- ...Jaguars are a spotted big cat that is really good at climbing it takes it's pray in the tree to eat it in peace.
K..Kids from Africa are sometimes shy or scared.
L...Lions can have a mane or not it depends if it is a girl or a boy lioness are the one that hunts the male lion just keep them away from harm.
M...Monkeys stay in the trees to be safe from animals that wants to eat them.
N...Nile river is where all the people that lives in Africa so they will have water and so they can fish for food.
O...Ostrich are a big bird that is like a chicken it can't fly but it can run but it's not faster than a cheetah.
P..Poison snakes are the deadly snakes it has cat eyes to tell you that it is poison snake if it is a raddle snake it will make a raddle noise to tell you to back up are be bitte
Q..Queen city is where some people go to live at.
R..Rinos have two horns on it's head to keep it away from harm by animals that want to eat them.
S...Snakes are around Africa desert or savanna.
T... Trees at Africa are almost dried up no leaves some trees have leaves.
U...Under harm animals in Africa are in big trouble with death.
V...Vipers in Africa are snakes that looks like the ground so it can get it's pray to eat.
W...Wooden mask are used in Africa.
X-Xhosa is a traditional instrument in Africa.
Y-Yearly rainfall in Africa.
Z-Zika is a deadly thing in Africa.
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