Living Color Project BY Maurice campbell

My Dim Sum Restaurant Experience

My Living Color experience was amazing! I went to the Dim Sum restaurant, for my experience. The food was delicious. More importantly, I learned about Confucianism and Daoism through my eatery experience. It was Chinese New Year and my peers and I were surrounded by many other customers who wanted to have lunch as well. It was open seating, but it was obvious that couples sat towards the back of the restaurant, where the Dragon and Phoenix displays graced the surroundings. Ancient history states that the Dragon and the Phoenix bring good fortune to romantic couples. As soon as we sat down, we where offered hot tea. My table drank several cups of tea, as we waited to be served our food. There were multiples waiters driving carts of different foods. The food was served family style; food is served on platters and everyone at the table served each other. If you wanted more food, you would call the waiter over by pointing your hand downward and moving your fingers. This is because it is disrespectful to point in the Chinese culture. If you like the food that the waiter served you would ask for as many servings that your table needed. One serving usually feeds six people. For example if you wanted one serving of dumplings, there would be six dumplings in that one serving. I tried many new foods, such as rice, noodles, and potstickers. Overal, my experience was outstanding and I would do it again!

My Special Experience

The highlights of my visit to the Dim Sum restaurant, consisted of three wonderful experiences. First, I got to experience how various people celebrated Chinese New Year. There was diverse group of individuals in the restaurant. Zit was an eye opening experience to see how people from different races other than Chinese celebrated this holiday. There were Whites, Blacks, and East Indians. They all came together as one and celebrated this wonderful holiday. Second, i got to experience the different types of food served to us. I especially liked the pork dumplings. The flour was light and the pork was well seasoned and tasty. They were amazing! I got to try many new foods which was also awesome. Finally, I got to experience the different types of rituals of the Chinese culture. For example, the stout of the teapot cannot point towards anyone sitting at the table, as it brings the person bad luck. In addition, it was very interesting to see the presentation of the food. For example, there was a custard filled pastry in a shape of a carrot. A future eighth grader should definitely visit the Dim Sum restaurant.

Future Eighth Graders Should Defintely Visit The Dim Sum Restaurant

There are three major reasons why a future eighth grader should experience eating at the Dim Sum restaurant. First, the experience is authentic. At this restaurant, you don't get your usual Chinese neighborhood food. For example, you will not find seaseme chicken and/or sweet and sour chicken. Second, the environment was welcoming and soothing despite the high level of noise. The waiters were friendly, there were colorful art displays positioned throughout the restaurant, and bamboo decorated the perimeters of the wall. Third, eating at the Dim Sum restaurant served as a Chinese religious history lesson. Elements of Confucianism and Daoism were evident throughout the eating experience. The experience was a different way of learning about the two religions. The learning occurred through the actual experience and not through books or lectures given by your teachers. this dining experience, defintely allowed you to make connections to Confucianism and Daoism.

Connections, Connections, and More Connections

There were many connections throughout the restaurant to the ideas of Confucianism and Daoism, but only a couple of the connections, connectec to terms we talked and studied about during class. Confucianism is everything from family (filial piety) to being respectful. Daoism centers around nature and some aspects of life.

Confucianism Connections

Li- translates to ritual or righteousness. When Confucians use this word they didn’t only mean ceremonies of religion or social occasions, but also the institutions of the Zhou Dynasty political culture and the normals of how to live everyday. “code of civility” that tells people what is proper code of civility that defined proper human conduct. Being proper because you feel it's right not because you are told. Better to be simple not because you are told.

1) When calling the waiter you point your hand downward and move your four fingers together, to summon them over. In the Chinese culture they find it very offensive if you point. This is an example of Li in which you show respect towards others by being respectful and not pointing your fingers to call them over.

2) When you drop one chopstick, drop the other one and ask for a new pair. This is because when dropping one chopstick and asking for another one (not a pair), it symbolizes a break up for a romantic couple. This is Confucist because you are being respectful when dropping the other chopstick, and asking for a new pair. This is an example of Li because it demonstrates being respectful towards the Chinese culture.

Five Great Relationships- Confucius thought that these five relationships were important in order to have a good civilization. The relationships are father and son, elder brother and younger brother, husband and wife, older friend and younger friend, and ruler and subject.

1) Serving tea connects to this term. When you serve tea to your friends it is a sign of Confucianism. By offering tea to someone you are continuing and/or creating friendship(s). The Five Great Relationships connects to the idea of serving tea to others because it is a friend to friend relationship. One friend is helping the other friend out.

Daoism Connections

Yin and Yang- two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.

1) The diversity in the food that the restaurant served us is an example of Daoism, especially yin and yang. This connects to yin and yang because the different foods such as fried food and boiled food, are two different forces connecting to the aspects of the Chinese food/culture.

2) Phoenix (female) and Dragon (male) are mythical creatures. When you have a romantic couple getting married, they bring good fortune. This connects to the idea of yin and yang because two forces, the male and female, are coming together to make up the aspects of life, when a male and female get married.

Imitating Nature

1) Some of the decorations on the wall are made out of bamboo. Bamboo symbolizes nature. This connects to Daoism because Daoism centers nature.

2) The Chinese like mimicking what other foods look like. For example, there was a custard filled pastry in the shape of a carrot. This relates to Daoism because it is imitating nature.


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