WW3 By Ben Tran and Jonathan Felts

Denmark, January 2020 Jack Hitler silently takes over Denmark and eventually moves to the rest of Europe.
"I have taken over Europe for the Izans Bow before me as my servants."
Jack Hitler meets with Kim Jong Unn and Putin they plan to form a more perfect union.

Mean while...

The North American powers meet to deal with the Izans
"Lets have Trump fight for us." "Trump will do great."
War on China starts. Rebellions grow and the world falls into chaos. America hasn't entered yet.
Trump declares war on behalf of everyone.
"I declare war on the Izans"
Americans spend months Fighting Jack Hitler. and chase him to Denmark.
To end the war Trump fires the nuclear bomb at Denmark
Hitler surrenders and signs the treaty on March 3, 2022
The world helps in the re building of Europe. A new worldwide currency is born. Trump loses power. Kanye West is the new president.
In the end all goes well the Earth is back to normal or at least the new normal. Thanks to new science a non partisan group of unicorns now rule over the world with there wisdom.


Created with images by Nelson Lourenço - "A night outside the theater (Denmark #2 Copenhagen)" • billium12 - "ja1935aa"

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