Cause and Effect Exploration By: Hunter Chancellor

Defeat of Spanish armada

The Spanish Armada was a Spanish fleet of 130 ships that sailed from Spain to the Netherlands then up to the English Channel. Their goal was to invade England and defeat them. When they got to the English Channel the English were there waiting and attacked sinking a few of their ships. The Spanish were forced to go up around England where they were caught in a major storm that killed more than half of their men.


The Spanish Armada was caused by many growing tensions between England and Spain. There was three main events that occurred that made the Spanish attack. In 1587 the Queen of England executed the Catholic Mary of Scots. She was beheaded after 19 years of imprisonment for plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth I. England was also growing richer and growing more powerful due to their sugar cane plantations in the Bahamas. They gained enough money to pay for their armies and create more inventions. England had made a deal with privateers that they would pay them to capture other ships and take their gold and other valuables and send them back to England.


After the Spanish Armada failed it hurt Spain so much that they wouldn't recover from it for a long time. After the last fleet returned to Spain more than half of the original Armada was lost and some 15,000 men had died. This dramatically decreased the Spanish army and forced them to give up land. After England defeated the Armada they were known as the world class power. This victory for the English ending the era of boarding and close-quarter fighting.

African Slavery

The Atlantic slave trade took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 15th through 19th centuries. Before Africans were used as slaves during this time, the Native Indians were forced into it or killed. Bartolome's letter that was sent to Spain claimed that the Indians were mistreated and often killed, he said that they should let the Indian slaves go and take Africans to do the dirty work that was originally the Native's job.


After the exploration of the Bahamas by Christopher Columbus slavery was a big thing. He forced many natives into slavery and forced them to work on England's sugar cane plantation. After the death of thousands of Native slaves Bartolome de las Casas wrote a letter to England stating that the Native slaves were being miss treated and killed. He also stated that they should stop slavery with the Natives and use African slaves. Bartolome was a the main reason why the Africans were enslaved during this time.


After many years of the English using the Natives and Africans as slaves for their plantations, mass amounts of slaves were miss treated and tortured and killed. After Columbus found the "New World" he raped and killed many of the natives, when he left he told the English and Spanish about his voyage in which they set their own voyages and used the land as a plantation for sugar. The English took the natives as slaves and forced them to work on the plantation or be killed. Bartolome da Casas sent a letter to Spain saying that the natives were being "miss treated" and "tortured", his solution to the problem was to quit using the natives as slaves and transport slaves from Africa. Bartolome was the reason the nations used Africans as slaves.

English conflicts with spanish and Turks

The English conflicts between Spain and Ottoman Empire was after the fall of Constantinople, the Turks forced England out of the silk route making it harder for the English to get the spices and other materials they desperately needed. After England was out of the silk route Spain got more money and started the Reconquista which gave them enough money to pay for their armies and to send the extra money elsewhere. This threatened England because Spain was more powerful and would be harder to defeat.


In 1453 the Turks took over Constantinople and forced the English out of the silk route. The fall of Constantinople made it easier for Spain to get more money. This resulted in the Reconquista of Spain, they had enough money to pay for their armies and send the rest of their money elsewhere. A year after Constantinople fell a man named Johann Gutenberg "invented" the printing press which allowed more books to get published and made it possible for people to purchase them and learn to read and write. One of the first books published was Marco Polo's "Wonders of the World".


After England was forced out of the silk route, they had to search for other sources of spices. The English had to explore the world and find their own route to the spice islands. During the Reconquista of Spain they had enough money to upgrade and pay for bigger armies. This made Spain more powerful and made them harder to defeat by the English. After the printing press was created and the book "Wonders of the World" was published many philosophers used its information to travel the world, the book was full of misunderstandings and incorrect knowledge. Marco Polo made up a lot of his information that was put in the book. This cause many years of confusion when the new world was found thinking it was East Asia.


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