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Medieval Portrait




Rationale: My inspiration came from my own photo. Some problems I had was that colour did not match. I solve the problem by changing the colour balance. This piece is me looking forward and praying in a bar. The coolest part can be makeups I added in Photoshop after taken the photo. In the future, I would like to use this skill in poster creating and advertising.

Surreal Portrait


10 thumbnails.

3 drafts

Original photo


Rationale: My surreal portrait is me with half metal face. The metal face is a picture from a robot. I had to adjust the lighting and colour balance of all pictures. Inspiration came from the research where I saw a person with half of the face taken away. The coolest part can be As to the problems I had was dealing with the boundary of robot's face and mine . At last, I tried to use the painting tool with low opacity to paint over my face.The coolest part can be the centre blur which attributes to the atmosphere. In the future, I plan to use this knowledge for poster designs or advertising.

Traditional Photo Portraits


The first photo: lighting from top right and back. Alina is facing straight forward and smiling. By using this technique I was able to make her face look more slim and have a beautiful lighting from back, which gives shinning edges on her hair and shoulders.

The second photo: smooth lighting from middle right. Alina is slightly facing to the left. By using this technique I was able to make her look cute and gives viewer a comfortable feeling.

The third photo: landscape, strong lighting from far left with shadows on the wall. Manzushara's body turned to the side, but her head was facing the camera. By using this technique I was able to bring people a warm and quiet feeling of the photo and distance from the wall especially with the shadow.

By using Steve's T method of placing the camera and light operating, photos can get good looking easily. The arm length method for positioning lights helps a lot when taking portraits. In the future I will use the methods Steve taught us for portraits shooting and any other photos if properly.

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