The voice of Holland door: Sterre van Hest en Isabelle van den Brand.

The History of the show:

There are already seven seasons now. It started in 2010. The first day when it aired was Friday September 17th. The Voice Of Holland (TVOH) has known many juries over the years. The people who created the show are John de Mol and Roel van Velzen. When Erland Galjaard, the director of RTL4, was already very excited about X-Factor, also a talent show. TVOH would be also a show where social media will be involved, this was a first. The show was nominated in 2011 for the ‘Gouden Televizier-ring’. And in 2012 the show was nominated for the ‘Beeld en geluid award’. the first edition of TVOH was a great success and therefor children wanted to participate in the show. A new show was created: The Voice Kids.

The hosts and the Voice overs:

Nowadays the show is hosted by: Wendy van Dijk, Martijn Krabbé and Jamai Loman. Jamai only participate at the live shows. Jamai Loman is hosting since 2014. Winston Gerschtanowitz has hosted the show from 2010 to 2014. The voice overs are currently done by Martijn krabbé. Only season 5 was done by Edwin Evers.

Martijn Krabbé was born on March 26, 1968. In 1987 he began presenting at Tros. In 1995 he switched to RTL 4. Martijn Krabbé won an award, ‘Best presenter’ at the ‘TV pictures’. This was on March 2, 2015. He presents TVOH from the first season on. Also he did all the voice overs of season 1 to 4, 6 and 7.

Wendy van Dijk was born on January 22, 1971. Wendy’s career began in 1983. She began at AVROTROS in ‘Zoethout’. In 2006 she switched to RTL 4. Her breakthrough was as an assistant in the show ‘Wie ben ik?’. In season one of TVOH she only presented the live shows. Since season 2 she presented the whole show with Martijn Krabbé. Currently she is a presenter and actris.

Winston Gerschtanowitz was born on October 2, 1976. He was known by the soap ‘Goudkust’. In this soap he played Harm van Cloppenburg. In 2005, Winston switched to a new channel called Talpa. In 2007 he participated in the second season of ‘Dancing on ice’ on RTL 4. In 2008 He started as Presenter of RTL Boulevard. From season 1 to 4, he presented only the live shows in the Voice of Holland. He talks to the candidates backstage in the ‘Red room’ area about their performances. Later Jamai took over this roll.

Jamai Loman was born on June 30, 1986. Jamai is a singer, a Musical actor and a presenter. He was the winner of ‘Idols’ in 2003. He won with 75 percent of the votes. Since 2004 he is also a presenter. In season 5 he presented only the live shows in TVOH. He talks to the candidates backstage in the ‘Red room’ area about their performances.

Edwin Evers was born on may 9, 1971. He is a Dutch Radio DJ, drummer and singer. In 2000 he switched from 3FM to Radio 538. Edwin got his breakthrough in 1997 with his own radio show called ‘Evers staat op’. He won the ‘Radio ring’ in 2006 with this radio show. In season 5, he did the voice overs for TVOH.

The juries:

Jeroen van der Boom participated for one season and became 4th with Leonie Meijer. I don’t think Jeroen van de Boom is a great coach, because he always had an angry face and smiles rarely.

Angela Groothuizen participated in two seasons and ended in both seasons 3rd. In the first season she became 3rd with Shary-An Nivillac and in the second season with Erwin Nyhoff. She was a great coach, she was always smiling and had a lot of energy.

Nick & Simon participated in three seasons and in all of these seasons they became 2nd. The 1st season they became 2nd with Pearl Jozefzoon, in the 2nd season with Chris Hordijk and in the 3rd season with Johannes Rypma. They were quite nice coaches, but to me, they should have had more energy.

Roel van Velzen also participated in three seasons. One time he ended on the 1st place, one time on the 2nd place and one time on the 4th place. The first season he was 1st with Ben Saunders, the second season he became 4th with Paul Turner and the third season he became 2nd with Floortje Smit. He was very funny and had lots of energy even though he was very small.

Marco Borsato was the longest sitting coach, he stayed 5 seasons. He also had the most successes. He ended four times on the 1st place and 1 time on the 4th place. In his he became 1st with Iris Kroes. The 3rd season he became 4th with Ivar Oosterloo. But in his 3rd season he came back in 1st place with Julia van der Toorn. Also in season 5, he became 1st with O’G3NE. In his last season he also became 1st with Maan de Steenwinkel. This was a nice ending for him. He’s one of the best coach I’ve ever seen. He recognizes talent, he actually always wins, he has lots of energy and he supports you after the voice of Holland.

Trijntje Oosterhuis participated for 3 seasons in TVOH: season 3, 4 and 5. In season 3, which was her first season, she became immediately 1st with Leona Phillipo. In season 4 she became 4th with Wudstik. In her last season she ended on a 3rd place with Emmaly Brown. Personally I do not like her, because she’s too lazy to get out of her chair, but she had lots of energy and I respect that.

Ilse de Lange only participated 2 seasons, season 4 and season 5. In her first season, season 4, she ended 2nd with Mitchell Brunings. In her last season, season 5, she ended 4th with Duncan de Moor. I like her accent, it sounds really funny and she is really nice. But when she sings, I don’t like her voice.

Ali B joints TVOH since season 4 to season 7, which is on tv now. In his first season, season 4, he ended 3rd with Jill Helena. In season 5 he ended with Guus Mulder on a 2nd place. In his 3rd season, season 6, he ended 3rd with Brace, an old friend of him. I see him as the best male coach of TVOH, because he’s so funny, cheerful, cool and has so much energy and he sings amazing.

Anouk only participated 1 season, season 6. In season 6 she ended on a 4th place with Jennie Lena. She was also one of her backing vocals at her own concerts, so they already knew each other. In my opinion, Anouk is really arrogant. However I think she has a very good voice and does have beautiful songs.

Sanne Hans is now participating for the 2nd time, season 6 and season 7 (which is on tv now). In her first season, season 6, she ended 2nd with Dave Vermeulen. She is a great person and I think she is the best female coach of TVOH. In fact she is very funny, has a great voice and she recognizes the real person in people.

Guus Meeuwis only participates in season 7. I cannot tell anything about him, because the show is still on TV now. I don’t know much about him, but I know that he writes great Dutch music and that he has a powerful voice.

Waylon also participates since the latest season, which is on TV now. I think he’s the best coach TVOH has, because he has an amazing voice, he recognizes talent, he’s honest, he really understands people and he challenges his candidates.

The set-up:

The show consist of several rounds. It begins with the production audition. This is a preselection with no cameras. After the preselections the blind auditions will follow. During the Blind Auditions candidates will sing a 1 minute song of their own choice. The coaches sit backwards to the stage, so that they can only judge on musicality and vocals. When a coach want the candidate for his or her team, they have to push the ‘I Want You’ button. The coach’s seat rotates in the direction of the stage. When two or more coaches have pressed the button, the candidate chooses the coach which he or she wants to continue with.

After the Blind Auditions become the Battles. From each team two or three candidates are put together to compete against each other. They sing a song selected by their coach. After every battle there will only be one winner, selected by the coach. The coach also has support to make the right choice when it gets too difficult, these are usually vocal coaches. The candidate who wins, gets a place in the live shows. From the 4th season a new rule was added: the other three coaches can also steal a candidate when his or her own coach doesn’t selected him or her for the live show. Each coach can steal only 1 time.

In season 1 t/m 5 candidates went straight through the live shows after the battles. But since season 6, the Knockouts were added because there were too many candidates for the live shows. In this phase candidates sing a solo song. Since season 7, the candidate will take place when they are selected for the live shows. There are only 3 seats. When the coach thinks the next candidate is better, and all of the 3 seats are taken, he has to choose between one of the sitting candidate. The coaches can only take 3 candidates to the live shows.

During the live shows, the candidates are being coached and they choose a song in consultation with their coach. The public can vote at home on their favorite candidate. The candidates with the least votes has to sing in the sing-off, at the end of the show. They have to sing their song again and then the coach decides which candidate goes home. In the final stage of the live shows, there are two candidates per coach left. The coaches decide together with the audience at home which candidate has to go. The coach and the audience at home decides each for 50 percent of the votes until one candidate per coach is left. The four coaches then will compete with each other in the finals. The public will choose by phone and texting who the winner of TVOH is.

In season 5, a new element was added to the live shows, The Clash. A coach put two of their talents against each other. They may choose two songs that they sing in short versions. After a total of four songs the audience at home decides along with the coach who loses. In season 6, this element was cancelled again due to the introduction of the Knockouts.

In season 2, 3, 4 and 7 viewers can use their smartphones to predict the outcome of the Blind Auditions and the Battles. In season 5 the RedRoom app was introduced. With this app you can follow the candidates and learn more about them. You can also stream music via this app.

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