Seeking Our Next Lead Pastor Temple Baptist church | Jamestown, ND

Position At a Glance

  • Details: Temple Baptist Church | 1200 12th Ave NE, Jamestown, ND 58401, US
  • Accepting Applications until March 15, 2019
  • Position Type: Full-time; Lead Pastor of Multi-staff Church
  • Congregation: 200+

We believe the man God has in mind for TBC is a one committed to the sufficiency of Scripture and the supremacy of Christ with a record of successfully shepherding a team of leaders (both lay Elders and full-time Pastoral and support staff) as well as the entire body, to accomplish the mission God has for us – “To Know God and Make Him Known!”

We are affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference and would anticipate our next leader to be credentialed, or be willing to be credentialed, by the conference.

Church Profile


  • Affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference (NAB) Temple Baptist Church (TBC) has a wonderful history of ministry in the greater Jamestown area. Founded in 1964, TBC was planted by a small group of faithful believers. From the humble planting team of 70 who gathered on that first Sunday, to the nearly 250 who worship at TBC today, this church has continued to influence and serve their community for Jesus Christ. Offering one Sunday worship gathering at 10:30 a.m.; services at TBC focus on Biblical teaching with a contemporary and engaging style of worship.
  • Along with the main services for adults, TBC offers Sunday morning ministries for children, youth, young adults and adults. Wednesday evening programming is geared for Kindergarten through 5th grade and Youth Group (for both middle and high school). Various adult classes such as Financial Peace University, Bible Study Fellowship (women’s classes) and life groups are also available for adults.
  • TBC Church has a beautiful facility that includes a 400-seat, state-of-the-art worship center, constructed in 2011. In addition, the facility includes ample space for children and youth, and a large multi-purpose room and fellowship area. Through faithful stewardship and financial discipline, the church is close to paying off the building project and becoming debt free.
  • Working alongside the Lead Pastor is the Community Life Pastor, Youth Director and Church Counselor as well an Office Administrator and a custodian. TBC currently has an interim pastor through the Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) which started in January of 2018.
  • Elders serve with the Lead Pastor (who is also an Elder) to Shepherd TBC, providing spiritual oversight, encouragement and guidance. TBC utilizes a modified congregational form of governance. We recently modified our governance model so that more decision-making and leadership is housed with the Elders. While this has been helpful and healthy in the rhythms of regular church operations, it is a significant change from the traditional congregational model of governance that the church had grown accustomed to over the years.


With a beautiful facility strategically located in a growing part of the city, Temple Baptist is well positioned to make a significant Kingdom impact in the surrounding area, an opportunity that will not be lost on the incoming Lead Pastor.

TBC has valued its tradition of “family feel,” so a new Lead Pastor transition has been unsettling to many in the congregation. We recognize the need to be lovingly and patiently led into a larger church model; trusting leadership to make wise decisions for the good of the church and the glory of God.

The Opportunity

Temple Baptist Church represents an opportunity that is ripe with potential for the right leader. In 2018 the church participated in a congregational health assessment, which confirmed that TBC is in a recovery or “turnaround” position. A number of things need to be improved and innovated for the church to regain a sense that it is “hitting on all cylinders.” The incoming Lead Pastor has the opportunity to understand and value where the church has come from while crafting a revitalizing vision for its future: a vision that is clear, inspiring and built on the foundation of all that has been contributed to TBC throughout its history.

To read more about the opportunity, please read the full profile provided on the church website.

Community Demographics

Jamestown, North Dakota, is the 9th largest city in North Dakota with a population of 15,500. Jamestown is located on I-94 and is equal distance (100 miles east and west) between Fargo and Bismarck which are the two largest cities in North Dakota.

TBC completed a Percept Study and the results of that study are captured in the PDF provided here. In addition, we included demographics and statistics on Legislative District 12 centered on City dynamics and Legislative District 29 centered on Rural dynamics for the area.

Additional information regarding educational, employment, and recreational opportunities are included in the full profile.

Pastor Profile

Temple Baptist Church in Jamestown, North Dakota is seeking its next Lead Pastor and the timing could not be better to join this faithful church family as we explore how to more effectively achieve the mission to which God has called us: “To Know God and Make Him Known.” We are eager to call an experienced Pastor and Leader to guide us, encourage us and challenge us as we adventure together for continued impact in Jamestown and the surrounding communities.

TBC understands that we are not “hiring” a Lead Pastor, but intentionally, carefully, and prayerfully seeking to discover the Servant Leader whom God is “calling” to Shepherd this flock in Jamestown, ND. This profile is not an expression of professional skills as much as an expression of Shepherd-like qualities we believe important to help us accomplish God’s mission for us in the 21st Century.


(I Timothy 4:16a – “Keep a CLOSE WATCH ON YOURSELF and …PERSIST IN THIS…” )

We desire a Pastor who, in his personal life:

  • Is known for an intimate walk with God through personal time in the Word, prayer, and accountability to spiritual partners
  • Is known for his devotion to his wife
  • Is protecting himself against any accusation in his relationship with other women
  • Is making margin in his life for his own children at home or adult children away from home
  • Is submitting himself to both personal and ministry accountability partners who freely ask him hard questions
  • Is committed to the stewardship of his body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Is known to be a good steward of his personal finances and therein content in times of plenty and times of loss
  • Is known as a Servant Leader (one who above all is a “servant of the Lord”)
  • Is known to love the flock of God
  • Is not diverted from mission as a “people pleaser” (Gal. 1:10)


(1 Timothy 4:15 – “…devote yourself to the PUBLIC READING OF SCRIPTURE, to EXHORTATION, to TEACHING.”) We desire a Pastor who, in his cognitive life:

  • Is passionate about discovering what the author of any given text of Scripture intended to say to his contemporaries…
  • Is purposefully seeking to discover how the Gospel is rooted in every text of Scripture and committed to make it central to his teaching…
  • Is committed to understanding the generational distinctions within the culture and ministering in a way that helps each value the other…
  • Is continuing his education, especially in those fields/studies that enable him to strengthen the mission to which God has called us as a Church…


(1 Timothy 4:14 – “Do not neglect THE GIFT YOU HAVE which was given you by prophecy when the council of ELDERS LAID THEIR HANDS ON YOU.”)

We desire a Pastor who, in his ministry life:

  • Is cognizant of his spiritual gift(s) and exercises them with freedom and joy
  • Is committed to loving exhortation (interested in transformation, not just information)
  • Is gifted in leadership, especially mentoring and equipping leaders
  • Is able to lead the Elder Team in developing and communicating with clarity and passion God’s mission, vision, and strategy for this church

Additional Essentials

(In no significant order of importance)

  • Is committed to a Gospel-centered preaching plan that calls and equips the church “To know God and make Him known”
  • Is committed to a team approach to shepherding
  • Is familiar with and values the use of technology in preaching/teaching, daily communication, and the worship services of the church
  • Is available for Pastoral counseling keeping it in balance with prayer and the preaching of the Word
  • Is committed to strengthening the Life Group Ministry of the Church
  • Is committed to personally sharing the Gospel and strengthening a holistic approach to the church’s outreach
  • Is passionate about overseeing and equipping church staff to accomplish the mission of the church in their assigned roles
  • Is committed to the structure of the church: Elders who shepherd, Deacons who assist, and Members who serve

Preferred Qualifications

Apart from the clear Biblical qualifications listed in I Timothy 3 & Titus 1

  • Minimum of 5 years Pastoral Church Ministry; preferably as Lead Pastor.
  • If married, a wife with a heart for ministry, and very supportive of her husband and his ministry. (She, however, will not be expected to fill a formal ministry role.)
  • Seminary Degree from an Evangelical Seminary; preferable at least a Master of Divinity.
  • Previous experience managing multiple staff and willingness to serve with our existing full-time staff (Associate Pastor, Youth Director and church counselor) as “first among equals” (i.e. – Overseeing their work while valuing their call to ministry). Also overseeing the Administrative Assistant in the office.
  • Been ordained or licensed and has those credentials with the NABC. If not, is willing to pursue full ordination credentials with the NABC.

Application Instructions

  • Email your resume in Word doc format to (tbcsearch4pastor@gmail.com)
  • Carefully read the Profiles (Pastor, Church, and Community) available on the TBC website and, in light of that information, send a document in Word format explaining why you believe God may be leading you to consider this position.

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