Ed Boone

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky

"Hey Jude"- The Beatles

Hi my name is Ed Boone I had a wife and I have a kid. My wife left my son and I because she could not handle being with us anymore. I really think it was just to be with our next door neighbor who we should not mention. When my wife left, I told my son that she had died of a heart problem. I've been hiding letters from Christopher that his mom sent because she doesn't know that I told him she was dead. That his come back around now, I took a book from him (like a diary) because it had stuff in there that I didn't want to be in there. Like you know how I said that my ex-wife was going to be with my neighbor, I kinda killed their dog and Christopher was doing detective stuff that I didn't want him to. But anyway that's a different story, Christopher went in my room and found these letters that were from his mother and he started to read them. He then got sick and when I got home and went in his room, I saw the letters and had to apologize. He didn't get it and didn't like me anymore but i'll tell you that next.

A defining moment in the book is when Christopher finds out that his mother is not dead. I took Christopher's book and when I went out he went to look for the book in my room. He then found a bunch of letters that were from his mother. He was confused at first then realized that his mother is not dead. He got sick and I had to tell him what happened and that I killed Wellington. He couldn't trust me and went to go live with his mother.

Ed Boone likes to drink beer, swear, and watch sports. He likes his kid, but gets angry sometimes because he just doesn't get it.

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