Making A Loatd By: Emmanuel navarro

I decided to make a sculpture as a tribute for this lovely grass/water type Pokémon. I originally wanted it to function as some sort of functional water container, but I'd figure that there's better use just using this as a decorative tray to hold coins or car keys. I had also planned to make the body of the Lotad more spherical, but decided it would be best if kept with a more oval type of body. My intentions for making parts separately proved discouraging. I had the idea for the parts needed and how I would want them, but not for a fixed way to make them neat and cleanly.

To start off, making the body wasn't an easy feat. A good amount of slip clay was rolled out and placed over a large bowl like mold. Once dried to a soft plastic state, the clay was removed from the large mold and molded by hand to look like a wide canoe. After that, a plastic slab was rolled and slip and scored on top of the canoe to close it and create the body. The flatter top of the body will hold the leaf. Since the body is hollow, a hole was made in the back side to let steam out once fired to prevent an explosion.

For creating the top part of the sculpture, I had to first lay out a big slab of leather hard clay to work with. After cutting out the shape desired , I got a long plastic strip (as wide as a rolling stick) to line most of the leaf and blended it with the leaf standing up. After that, I carefully carved out the features while the clay was still leather hard. Once that was finished I connected it on top of the body.

The facial features where a tedious part in this creation. They where made separately from slip clay and only slightly dried onto the front of the body. The eyes and pupils were cut with a metal cut design with a thin layer of clay and cut again in half to fit under the leaf. The beak was made by cutting a layer of rolled out clay and doubled over a rolling stick. Once smoothed to desired shape, it was slip and scored under the eyes.

The feet of the Lotad where made from a simple and repetitive design. Using a cut index like card, 3 layers of plastic clay where cut and molded with the same design to start a mug. They where blended into cylinders. Once made, they where cut in half making 6 short cylinders and all placed on a slab of clay to form a bottom standing part. Before slipped and scored on the bottom of the body, holes where made to vent into the body because the legs where also hollow.

The leaf of the Lotad was my favorite part of the creation. This part seemed the easiest and more satisfying part of the project in terms of creating it. Also, this was a big part in making the Lotad, because the leaf is what really distinguishes this Pokémon.

As for the overall finished project, I would personally say that it was a success. Although some features and parts were obviously uneven, it did not hinder or cripple the progress or rate of the project. However, some cracking and breaking did occcur which added more time needed for completion. In the end, this project was not a outstanding success, but still somewhat successful.

This is the end result, waiting to be fired and glazed. If this project was to be recreated, I would've used a more controlled method for creating the body of the Lotad, seeing as to the method I had chosen earlier was more unpredictable.


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