Women's Rights By: Elizabeth becker

Main Issues

Equal Pay for Equal Work: The history of women's civil rights in equal pay for equal work goes all the back to the year of 1776. Certain laws have been passed like the Equal Pay Act of 1893. This act however limited enforcement tools and certain remedies. This stopped the act from fulfilling its purpose of helping women in work. However, over time the pay got more equal to men's and the discrimination decreased.

Domestic Violence: The Violence Against Women Act was the first law to really help government agencies and victim advocates to work together and help fight any kind of domestic violence towards women. Beforehand, husbands were extremely overpowering and for a women to speak out on abuse was not as common.

Response to these Issues

I believe my generation would respond to be heard. I, and they would come full of information. We would want women's work and rights to be as heard as the men. I would probably respond similarly in the way Martin Luther King Jr. did. I would come in, be non-violent and I would try to educate people. I would tell them to try out new things, learn new skills and expand their perspectives. I would also tell them that women deserve the certain, unalienable rights like the men. Many people turn away from things they don't understand. My generation has access to a lot of valuable information and I believe they would be self-direct if it came to the Civil Rights movement for Women's Rights because today, that is such a big focus it seems like and back then, it was something a handful of women really fought for and eventually were heard.

Men Vs. Women

Women would most likely respond to this issue with great support. They would want their rights to heard and honored like men. Certain things may not be the same but domestic violence is something women fight against especially today. Men would probably respond maybe not as strongly but still would be in great support because if a guy respects women, they would believe they should have some of the same rights they do. Women would be more passionate overall and men would probably be more laid back.

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