Amado Carillo Fuentes El señoR de los cielos

He was the king of knuckle political law enforcent corruption in Mexico. He's known as the Mexican drug lord who seized control of the Juárez Cartel after assassinating his boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. He had a head for business but a cold heart.

(December 17, 1956, Guamuchilito - July 3, 1997, Mexico City, Mexico)

In the early 1970's he started at the bottom when his uncle Ernesto Forseca gave him a job harvesting marijuana. It's unknown how he made the transition from harvesting marijuana to full on trafficking. Most believe he completed his apprenticeship and was ready for a larger position in the organization. The larger role included a 5-year stint as a member of Mexico's secret police; the DFS (Director of Federacy Security). It was a secret agency of interior government ministry of Mexico and he had one of those badges; he was an agent.

After his uncles arrest arrest for a detectives murder, it is assumed that Carillo inherited his uncles operation. He killed Rafael Aguilar and took over the Plaza. Juárez wasn't any city, it connects with major transportation arteries, rail roads, and interstate highways and the underbelly of the Republic. It was the best location on land for a launching pad drugs in North America; it was most valuable thing to own and Carillo owned it.

He used cargo planes and passenger jets to transport 10-15 tons of cocaine at a time. His pilots file flight plans that blended the contraband into legitimate commercial air traffic. If flights were detected at allMexico's anti-drug aircraft will be left breathing jet fuel. It was then that he was given the famous alias Lord of the Skies.

He was famous for the idea that if loads loss you, kill everyone connected with it that way you get the trader, and he did.

While he was causing disruption around the world, his hometown benefited. He was a very good people to all the people and the main thing he did was build a church. The locals loved him; he was money, wealth and a father figure for them.

He said that someone had to get their hands dirty for the sake of Mexico and if that meant moving drugs, well let's move them if it helps the economy, if it helps Mexico.

July of 97 he returned to Mexico City ready to undergo plastic surgery. For over 9 hours doctors operated on him; radical liposuction, remove 20 pounds of fat, and facial sculpting altered his appearance. However he never made it off the table. Few believed in his death since it was common for fugitives to fake their death with anunrecognizable corpse. They took fingerprints to confirm it was Carillo. 4 months later the bodies of his doctors were discovered stuffed inside oil drums along the side of the a dessert highway.

They believe someone deliberately killed him by injection. Mexican authorities are convinced it was murder, but haven't offered any evidence.

Some people still believe in him, his myth, his power, his legend and some Mexicans don't believe he's dead because he's the Lord of the Skies.

He was a symbol of power and wealth. He reminded people of how far you could get in life, but that there is consequences for every choice in life since nothing is free here. You will always here his name in political conversations or in song lyrics because of how big of a legend he was. Good or bad, he affected many people's lives.

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