Isaac Newton By : Fabian Jimenez

Isaac Newton

In 1687, Isaac Newton published the law of gravity which is called The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. He helped bring together the breakthroughs under a single theory of motion.

When he was 26, he was certain that all physical objects were affected equally by the same forces. Isaac Newton's great discovery was that the same force ruled motion of the planets and all matter on Earth and in space. He believed that God was the creator of the universe and that God was the clockmaker who had set everything in motion.

This made an impact to society by changing the ways of science. This also made an impact on traditional beliefs because back then, in old science, scholars use to generally rely on church teachings but now they begun to use observations, experimentations, and scientific reasoning to gather knowledge and draw conclusions about the physical world. The quote underneath the picture of Newton means that he can calculate the motion of a body, but he cannot calculate the madness of people.

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