Joseph Stalin P.S. used to be joseph Bolshevik

Education: Earned a scholarship to attend to Seminary, a church for priesthood-> Was later expelled for missing exams

Born December 18th or 6th 1878, (Invented birth of December 21st 1879)

Groups: Started to read "Communist Manifesto" by a German Social Philosopher by Karl Marx; became interested revolutionary politics against Russian Monarchy.

Power: Indoctrination (Instruct government beliefs), Police Terror, Propaganda/Censorship/media/newspaper, dissenters imprisoned/killed, Religious/Ethnic persecution (blame for problems, targets orthodox), Control of economy (5 year plans)

Timeline: Born-1878, Expelled from school 1899, arrested multiple times between 1902 and 1913, 1906 married first wife and a child, 1919 or 1918 married second wife, 1912 was appointed to serve on the first Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, had Power in 1924, Dictator 1929-1953, WWII 1939-1945, Cold War 1946-1991

Status Update: "I trust no one, not even myself"

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