Muslim Achievements BY: Antoinette Granados


Hospitals is an important invention made by Muslims. The hospitals that we know today, with wards and teaching centers, come from 9th century Egypt. The first medical center was called Ahmad ibn Tulun Hospital, founded in 872 in Cairo. From Cairo, the idea and invention of medical centers have spread through out the Muslim world. Hospitals play a big role in society because hospitals provided well care for those who are sick and injured. Without hospitals, people who needed good aid and support, wouldn't get what they needed and more of the unhealthy and weak would die of different disease and die of suffering, causing the population to decrease. If hospitals never existed, all of us would never get help and consideration for our health.

The inside of a Muslim hospital. Care takers would check up on sick patients.
Outside of a Muslim hospital.


Muslim musicians had a huge impact on Europe. Old instruments arrived in Europe through the Middle east, just like the lute and rahab, which were an ancestor of the violin. The music scales have been developed from Arabic language. Music is a type of art that helps express the feelings of one person or another. Music can always find a way to help bring others together. You can feel different emotions when listening or writing various types of songs. Not only did music give people pleasure to the ear and heart, music was used in different rituals and religious ceremonies. Life without music would not be as fun, no feelings would be put out there in a different way and our lives will be less enthusiastic and entertaining.

This is a lute.
This is a rahab.

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