Interviews By Alex Kowatch

Mr. Garver was the teacher I did for my first interview

Alex: Um, Mr. Garver, Did you do any before becoming an A/V teacher?

Mr. Garver: Um, I had other jobs when I was in college and kind of in between teaching. I haven't had any other full time jobs. Technically, I have had other full time jobs, so this is my first full time job in my career. I worked as a lifeguard in high school and worked for the city of Riley in both high school and college. I worked a couple of different jobs and soon ran my own business when I was a sophomore in college. I started a lawn care and handy man service that I still run, then my fiance' and I are going to run a rental company to buy and rent houses for college students, but just rent them out in general.

Alex: What you do as your pastime or free time?

Mr. Garver: I don't a lot of free time because I have a lot to do at school-related activities and I am the A/V teacher so I have to run live stream. I like doing live stream and do consider it a hobby even though I get payed for it. I like to work with my hands and I like to build and stuff like that. I do stuff on the Adobe software so, Premiere and Photoshop.

Alex: Why did you want to teach audio and video production?

Mr. Garver: I came out of high school and I had a couple of scholarships in basketball at some smaller schools, but decided against and decided to go to K-State as a student. I wasn't really sure about what I was going to do. I didn't have a place like Junction City where I could get the opportunity to test out a bunch of different fields. I kind of got the regular high school experience and so, I went into business and uh, remembered that I am bad at math and so, I switched over to education. I always loved working with kids and teaching people stuff and telling stories and so, figuring out what I wanted to do. It wasn't hard to do as far as teaching is concerned, but within teaching math, science, A/V is one of them now, but you have your core classes like math, science, and English and then, you got more specialty like A/V, so, as a A/V teacher, I had to study journalism to be able to qualify to teach this class and when it came to teaching here, I knew a little bit about Junction City and the opportunities I would have as a teacher and the A/V position was a very lucrative because I really like working with video and I really like working with computers and graphic design in general, so it was a very easy position when I got into deciding where I wanted to go and become a A/V teacher.

Alex: Um, How many videos have you produced in this class and which one or ones are your favorite?

Mr. Garver: Well, ideally, I will not be the one producing videos. Ideally, I will teach my students to create these videos and they will produce them and it will be their project and I kind of oversee it, but this semester has been different this year. We have had some computer issues where haven't been able to get as many as we like produced. We have produced about 6 or 7 videos which is way below what it should be and what I personally want it to be as the program operator, but I would say that I am most proud of the one that was most recently produced by Quinlin, Quinlin Roth. It is a basketball, kind of a pre-game type video and it's really good. He is one of my more experienced students, ya know, he has done a really good job of getting outside of his comfort zone and doing videos that he is not as comfortable doing so, there have been some well-produced videos out of the few that we have gotten done?

Alex: Are you going to continue teaching A/V or are you going to retire?

Mr. Garver: I mean my plan right now, I can't really predict the future really, but for myself with my fiance' teaching here too, I mean we both want to stay. We want to stay in Junction City and we both like our jobs and I will be here for as long as Junction City until they decide that I am not doing my job as a teacher and they want to let me go. Anything else happens between now and then, ya know, I will forced to stop teaching or have a better opportunity somewhere else. Junction City is a very good opportunity for me as a teacher, so I plan to stay for the foreseeable future.

Alex: OK, so, do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they?

Mr. Garver: I do, I mean, I talked a little bit before with, ya know, I like to work with graphic deign and things like that and then, ya know, wood working, I like doing that, I like small construction stuff, ya know, I'm not a architect, so I can't be doing all this crazy big things, but, ya know, maintenance stuff, I like doing that, I mean working with my hands. Outside of that, I like hanging out with my fiance' and just relaxing basically, kind of unwinding after a day of teaching is nice, so I would say Netflix is definably one of my hobbies.

Alex: Who do you consider as your favorite student in your class?

Mr. Garver: Well, Alex Kowatch, of course, he is a very entertaining student and always comes in very happy, and entertaining to say the least. Everyday he is very very entertaining, so.

Alex: What was your first week teaching like?

Mr. Garver: A nightmare. No, I'm just kidding, No, I mean it was a little bit stressful. Just trying to learning not what to do as a teacher to teach my kids, but what I need to do as a teacher at Junction City High School because every high school is different as far as the dynamic of kids and educators and faculty and staff and everybody, just trying to figure out processes as far as, ya know, signing passes, sending kids to the restroom,things like that. Just a lot of little things that you don't really think about. Each school has different rules for that, learning that kind of thing, being able to acquaint with my students and trying to learn all their names. I say that was the most stressful part, nothing else was very stressful for me.

Alex: Alright, um, what do you in Audio and Video Production?

Mr. Garver: Audio and Video Production actually my title as a teacher is A/V and Communications teacher and, so what I do with that is I teach both graphic design and video production classes and I'm basically here to teach students how to better tell a story using audio and video and then how to, ya know, creatively create different graphics and posters and pictures and things like that with graphic design.

Alex: OK, How did you meet Mrs. McKay aka your fiance'?

Mr. Garver: Yeah, um, we actually met at K-State in our education classes because she's also a teacher here at Junction City. So, we met a little over a year and a half ago at K-State in one of our teaching classes in block two. I had a crush on her, but I didn't really say anything because I was too scared. So, one day, when I was going to a convention, I was going to be in Denver for a few days, so I would miss class,so I thought well, I'll text her and kind of, spill my guts out to her and tell her how much I like her and ask her if she wanted to date me and my thinking on it was, ya know, if she says no, then, at least I wouldn't have to see her for a couple days, so it wouldn't be awkward and maybe it will blow over and it worked out and now we're getting married.

Alex: Congratulations, um, did you do any sports in your high school year? If so, what sports and why?

Mr. Garver: Um, I was a basketball guy, uh I really liked basketball, it was my favorite sport. So, I played basketball from 2nd grade to 12th grade and then, let's see, I played football from 6th grade to 8th grade and I had a two-year gap where I didn't play then, I played my junior and senior year and then, I ran track both years of middle school and then, in my two years of high school, my freshman and my senior year. But, basketball was my favorite sport and that was what I focused on the most and I played travelling basketball so, I would go to Kansas City twice a week for that and I think the reason I played is I went to a smaller school and its the kinda place where almost everybody played and ,ya know, its just what you do and its a way to not only be social, but to learn valuable lessons as far as accountability and toughness and things like that are concerned and I think it helped shape me into the person I am now because of some of the things I experienced through sports.

Alex: OK, so, what made you want to teach audio and video productions?

Mr. Garver: Um, I don't know that it was anything necessarily specific like one specific thing. I think it was a array of things that kind of pushed me towards that and like I said here, I am audio and video communications, but my major in college is journalism so, that's a lot of writing and broadcast video not just kind of what I do here which is more focus toward feature videos which there is a difference, there kind of the same but, a little bit different as well. What we focused more at K-State was the broadcast side so, ya know, news broadcasts more than anything and here, there not much more of a demand for that, ya know, with high school, you don't have quite as much news to cover. So, I can't have my kids go out and report on things quite as much but, um, I think just watching, I have always been intrigued with how stories are told using video, there's a lot of different ways to it and there's not necessarily one right way to do it, there's so many different that you assert your creativity into a video and tell it in a specific way that you want to tell it to makes it more impactful in a lot of situations. So, I think watching videos growing up and seeing how impactful they can be and how entertaining they are to people, I think pushed me towards wanting to purse video instead of yearbook or newspaper like Mr. Walter teaches because that's something that I am technically qualified to teach but, I'm more interested in the digital side of things where as that's more print.

Alex: Um, where did you go to college?

Mr. Garver: Uh, I went to K-State well I guess, Kansas State University, uh, in Manhattan and I went from the fall of 2012 to the spring of 2016, so I just graduated in May.

Alex: Um, what are some of the challenges of becoming an audio and video production teacher?

Mr. Garver: Uh, I think just generally, teacher wise, some of the tough things is everybody, the public sees teachers as people that just aren't good enough to do something else or are too stupid to do something else and its just one of those things that bugs me but, I don't talk about it very often because it is one of those points with most people,but I would say the biggest struggle is dealing with that, ya know, a lot of people judge you for being a teacher and they think that your not qualified to do something else when that's not the case. A lot of teachers that I've had in my life are some of the most brilliant people I've ever met. So, I would say the toughest part is just dealing with kind of the low, low salaries and the low expectations of teachers because people think that we are these stupid people. So!

Alex: Last question,uh, Tell me about your family? Like basically your family when you were a kid.

Mr. Garver: Well, my family is from Riley which is about 20 minutes away from Junction City, so, we live and I've grown up in Riley my whole life. Its about 20 minutes away from here, its basically what separates Riley from Junction City is Fort Riley. They actually own the land between the two towns, but we were a small town family. It was my mom, my dad, and my older brother who is 4 years older than me. We lived a pretty regular life ,I mean, nothing too spectacular. My mom was a 3rd grade teacher. My dad worked in banking for about half of my life, ya know, decided that wasn't what he wanted to do and kind of pursed some other things and now, he is a manger at Home Depot which to most people seem like, ya know, kind of a well that's not a career, but I still look up to him because he decided to chose his happiness over making money which a lot of people do. A lot of people will suffer through a career for their entire life because of the paycheck, where as my dad kind of said you know the money's not worth me being unhappy all the time so, he pursed something he enjoyed and I think he enjoys what he's doing now. So, that's always good to see, but outside of that, we kind of, ya know, we were a very sporty family, we all enjoy sports and we all played and kinda like doing that, ya know, family's very important to us. We to uh, get together whenever we can and have dinner and hang out and do stuff, I guess, what normal people do if you consider us normal. Just depends.

Alex: Alright, thank you.

I had some problems with my last interview and I did not want start it over again so, I interviewed a different student named Javoutae Barnett

Alex: What career are thinking about doing? Like a job?

Javoutae: Probably be a lawyer.

Alex: What are your goals in life?

Javoutae: To make it in school.

Alex: What challenges are you facing while studying this career? Law

Javoutae: Getting caught up in school.

Alex: Who is your favorite teacher or subject? Subject?

Javoutae: I don't have one. Weights.

Alex: Why did you chose this career?

Javoutae: Because you get payed a lot of money and to help people.

Alex: What do you do on your freetime?

Javoutae: Hang out, sleep, and play my video games.

Alex: What hobbies do you do? Just name one or two?

Javoutae: I have a lot of hobbies. Playing games.

Alex: What are you doing over Christmas Break?

Javoutae: I am going to Kansas City to see my family.

Alex: What part of Christmas do you like?

Javoutae: I guess all of it, I guess.

Alex: What holidays do you like to celebrate? Besides Christmas?

Javoutae: Fourth of July.

Alex: What are your grades like this semester?

Javoutae: In between good and bad?

Alex: Tell me about where you were born?

Javoutae: I was born at Province Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas on November 2000.

Alex: There are some more. Tell me about your family? Like what do your parents do?

Javoutae: I have my mom and my dad. I have three sisters and two brothers. My mom works at the hospital, she is a sleep tech and my dad. um, I forgot what he does?

Alex: What do you like about being in high school? So, you don't like anything about being in high school?

Javoutae: Nothing, Yea.

Alex: What impact is high school having on you?

Javoutae: Getting me ready for the real world.

Okay, so, thank you for your

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