What can you do in the FHS Library? besides read a book

You can create things in the library!
You can check out technology!
You can test your brain!

Stop by and check it out . . . it's not our typical library.


Created with images by sillygwailo - "Green screen at VPL’s Inspiration Lab" • festland - "lego blocks toys children's" • Soorelis - "paper colorful color" • Photo-Mix - "internet search engine laptop netbook" • Loimere - "Sphero!" • SparkFunElectronics - "Circuit Scribe Maker Kit" • Pexels - "fun gadgets girl" • wreco - "cube game rubik's cube" • mattersofgrey - "Wooden puzzle from Columbia. Thx @gorirrajoe" • garryknight - "Chess" • rossandzane - "games friends activity" • rick - "checker devastation" • Wokandapix - "dominoes game domino" • jking89 - "Scrabble Tiles" • frankieleon - "You sank my Battleship!" • Nara J - "Mancala - African Board Game"

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